Shamu: Seaworld's Goldfish

By ashlyshop
Written November 21, 2013
I was shocked, disturbed, and ashamed that I have ever been to SeaWorld. This film is not controversial because once you see it you will only look at what they have done as immoral, evil and cruel. The Blackfish producers have merely captured and exposed a scandal that began in 1970. The people of Washington were outraged then and they may have been put out of business if they didn't have enough funds to conceal all of the horrible things they have done. They strait up stole those babies from their mothers, they broke families and destroyed communities. YES the killer whales do have families and live in communities. They are so much like us that I am in disbelief that America has condoned them with blind eyes. I have come to the conclusion that killer whales are simply goldfish to SeaWorld. Once one dies just replace it with the next. Why else do you think they are ALL named Shamu? You wouldn't name every dog you ever owned Max. They have no respect for life. Watch the movie!
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By Brianmjmccarthy
Written August 26, 2013
Makes you think twice about boycotting SeaWorld. Overall movie was interesting but they could have elaborated on a couple of topics.
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By caleycunningham
Written August 05, 2015
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By hoffoliv
Written November 06, 2013
I am angry and hurt when I watched this film. It hits you hard and slaps you across the face. This film showed me how I need to be more alret and take a few steps back and look at the "big" picture. I cried for 1 hour after I saw this film. I had purple rings around my eyes. I pre-ordered it off Amazon after I watched it. #ShutdownSeaWorld
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Alot of attacks caught on film!

By bigtimersrymers
Written July 07, 2015
This movie was by faaar much better than I expected and thats that I had high expectations. Keeps you entertained and educated from start to finish with love footage of the killer whales intelligence and dominance. Plenty of attacks caught on video that make the viewers not only understand verbally but visually. Seeing os believing and there's plenty to see in this amazing documentary!
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