Blackfish Synopsis
The story of Tilikum, a marine-park killer whale, reveals how little man knows about the orca.

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Killer Killer Whales

By pedsarq
I'm so glad this movie made it to the big screen, even if in limited release. It's the story of killer whales in captivity, most notably in Seaworld parks and affiliates. These animals were hunted...

Amazing movie

By jlauracooke
Blackfish was one of the best films i have ever seen. A true eye opener. A movie everyone should see, especially if you have small children. WE as a society need to stop using animals of all kinds...

Maybe SeaWorld can make a difference....

By samzam
This is an excellent movie...while the subject matter is sensitive regarding the recent death of a SeaWorld employee, it stands as a tribute to those who love the animals that have been exploited by...


By luvmovies444
I don't think I've ever left a review for a movie before but this one was so incredible that I felt I had to. You realize what truly intelligent and feeling animals they are and how horrifically...

Is SeaWorld the Monster?

By mcclurejc
For those of us living in Central Florida, the tragic event at SeaWorld on February 24, 2010 came as shocking news. Many of us felt the impact since we have visited and enjoyed the park over the...


By njndancer
This is an important and powerful movie that everyone should see, especially people who are unaware that the cruelty of using animals to entertain humans is without consequences. These beautiful,...

Much Needed Revelation

By equus70
My daughter insisted we see this movie, and having seen the Orca and other whales/dolphins in the wild in the Pacific Norhtwest, I also wanted to see the "truth" that not everyone was aware of. The...


By sunstonebeadworks
The documentary movie, Blackfish, was done exceptionally well--the participants in the film were honest, straight forward but not brutal. I was impressed with how genuine they were. It succeeded for...

Hell no, we won't go...

By csidec Sea World, that is. Unlike zoos, that help continue endangered species and provide safe and sane habitat for captive animals, Sea World appears to be run by clueless corporate greed. I...

Blackfish is a film that EVERYONE should see

By cacodaemonia
I was surprised that it was told almost entirely from the perspective of former trainers, and even a fisherman who assisted in the capture of wild orca calves. All of the people interviewed clearly...

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Rated PG-13 | For Mature Thematic Elements and Disturbing Violent Images
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Powerful, heartbreaking, disturbing doc about captive orcas.
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