By ponyexpress
Written October 19, 2009
I had several laugh out loud moments. With the bad editing, bad acting and funny jokes, it was really spoofing blaxploitation films and quite funny. I would recommend it to any blaxplotation fan or someone who can enjoy pure comedy.
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I was dying with laughter

By Chaxue
Written July 11, 2009
This film was one of the only films I've seen that actually had me laughing the whole time. IThe fact that it's style is to look like an old 70's film with cheesy lines just made the film awesom. It's a great must seen film if you just want to laugh till your lungs fall out.
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Dynamite, Dynamite!!

By This fans fa you
Written December 19, 2009
With all the essentials needed in a Blackploitation flick, Black Dynamite is DynO Mite!! Director Scott Sanders creates a masterpiece in Black Dynamite which is nothing more than a parody like Shaft or superfly. Not only did I laugh the whole movie but I was thoroughly entertained by the purposeful over acting and bad coreographed fight scenes. The story like most Blackploitation movies is about a man, black dynamite (Michael Jai White), avenging the death of his brother done in by "the man". Other cast members such as Arsenio Hall, Tommy Davison, Brian McKnight, John Salley and Byron Minns as Bullhorn all pitch in with a slice of good comedy. Dynamite is a movie everyone should check out, probably the most funny and underground movie of the year. If your uptight or ditasteful about racial slurs its a no go. If you like blackploitation, its a must go. Also, rated r for violence, adult language and nudity. "Now you see where i'm coming you jive mother!!" jus kidding
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Five Word Review

By Milesunkle
Written October 13, 2009
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Standing ovation at the end.... at a spoof move!?!? Dynomite Dynomite!!!!!

By darkdays
Written October 09, 2009
I went to a screening last night and I thought it was great. it is one of those movies that make you laugh out loud for 90 minutes. If you go see it(and you should), pay attention to everything. The entire audience gave it a standing ovation. This is definately the best comedy that I have seen in a while. GO SEE IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!
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