Five Word Review

By KimiWaPet2150
Written October 17, 2009
This movie was so fantastically-funny!
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Black Dynamite

By gregory2525
Written October 21, 2009
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"Blacksploitation at it's Best!"

By pecs999
Written October 24, 2009
Being a huge fan of 70s Blacksploitation, I was really looking to this movie. I was not disappointed. The film was incredible. The clothes, sets, photography, action, plot... everything was straight out of the 70s! One would be hard pressed to believe this wasn't actually the revival of an old movie. In fact, this could've been titled "Grindhouse 2" - a follow up to the Tarantino epic - because it truly presents as a 42nd Street grindhouse throw back! I would recommend this for adults who have grown weary of the weekly Hollywood product that comes out every weekend with the goal of being the latest blockbuster. Highly recommended.
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By Garrick07067
Written October 20, 2009
I enjoyed black Dynamite! The overacting, missed ques and bad dialogue made this hillarious. TommyDavidson, Arsenio Hall and so many others were great. The movie fell short about 3/4 in, but I recommend it. If you watched the movies of the 70s, you will laugh your butt off.
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By dramey95
Written April 21, 2014
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