Black Dynamite Synopsis
A kung fu-fighting super stud (Michael Jai White) wages war on The Man after his brother's murder.
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By ponyexpress
I had several laugh out loud moments. With the bad editing, bad acting and funny jokes, it was really spoofing blaxploitation films and quite funny. I would recommend it to any blaxplotation fan or...

Dynamite, Dynamite!!

By This fans fa you
With all the essentials needed in a Blackploitation flick, Black Dynamite is DynO Mite!! Director Scott Sanders creates a masterpiece in Black Dynamite which is nothing more than a parody like Shaft...

I was dying with laughter

By Chaxue
This film was one of the only films I've seen that actually had me laughing the whole time. IThe fact that it's style is to look like an old 70's film with cheesy lines just made the film awesom....

Five Word Review

By Milesunkle

Standing ovation at the end.... at a spoof move!?!? Dynomite Dynomite!!!!!

By darkdays
I went to a screening last night and I thought it was great. it is one of those movies that make you laugh out loud for 90 minutes. If you go see it(and you should), pay attention to everything. The...

Don't interrupt me when I am doing my Kung Fu

The parody genre is one that has sadly fizzled out with movies like "Date Movie", "Meet the Spartans", "Superhero Movie", and the recent "Stan Hellsing." Thank God that director Scott Sanders has...

Five Word Review

By Lou242
Offbeat, goofy, satirically offensive... funny!...

Five Word Review

By daniellebear
Great Funny Smart Classic Entertaining...

Five Word Review

By ghostriderfan
Time I Can't Get Back...

extremely funny

By louis_villaescusa
It is a really good parody of early 1970s blaxploitation films like Shaft and Dolomite. They fill it with occasional continuity errors, bad edits, bad acting and other bad film making jokes. Even...

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Rated R | For drug content, some violence, sexuality/nudity and language