Black Death Synopsis
A monk investigates rumors of people being resurrected during an outbreak of the bubonic plague.
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looks like fun for everyone

By edfand
And blackness falls upon us all......

this movie is great

Def a must see...I dont care what all you stupid people say about o how bad this movie is cause whoever is saying that is dumber then dog ish let me tell you....but this movie is a must see...

Straight to video

By Mikiala919
I rented this movie on iTunes and was glad I didn't see this movie at theaters. The plot is somewhat boring and hard to follow. The movie setting is during the Black plague and has a twisted ending...

Where's Vincent Price when you need him?

By stepbrad
This movie reminded me a lot of an old AIP-EAPoe movie called "The Conqueror Worm" aka "Witchfinder General," maybe more of a companion piece. I found it interesting to compare the black plague to...

By Ronin Bahamut

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Rated R | For Strong brutal violence, and some language