black book

By swimmaster
Written April 29, 2007
Run, do not walk to see this absolutely spellbinding, riveting film! This movie has it all: betrayal, plot twists, humor, murder, mistaken identities, sex, and dazzling courage in the face of crushing adversity. Even something as bizarre as the act of coloring pubic hair, which I would normally think of as lurid or disgusting, was actually handled cleverly and pleasantly, given its instrumental significance in the unwinding of the story. But make sure you have some caffeine before going. The subtitles are fast and furious, and you need to stay on top of them in order to follow the intricate storyline. This is one of those films where you forget your surroundings because you're so absorbed in it. It's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.
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Black Book

By Obidiahv21
Written May 12, 2007
Black Book Shines. Evil is not an entity that exists subjectively, in the 'other' person. Evil and Good exist in each of us and our decisions have moral implications that cause great sorrow or joy for generations. Rachel/Ellis is a figure of the Divine, who unconditionaly loves and perserveres inspite of getting 'dumped on' by the immoral corruption of man's unsatiable lust for power and wealth. In the End, who wins? No one and everyone; and inspite of the power of Evil and Violence, Love endures in a thread of Word and Memory from generation to generation. It is not a matter of Right or Wrong, but a matter of Love, Love that is greater than Faith and Hope, not printed in vulnerable pages of any person's Book, but seed sown gently in the Heart with a promise so powerful that even the Most Perverse Evil is overwhelmed by the sweetness of chocolate -see the movie!
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Like a good ol' WWII spy movie

By Igotothemoviesalot
Written May 25, 2007
Dutch entry for the past Academy Awards and way better than winner The Lives of Others. A Jewish girl joins the Dutch Resistance and infiltrates the Nazis. Lots of twists and turns and double-crossing characters that keep you entertained plus daring rescue missions and full-frontal nudity too!
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Respectably corny

By Jeff Fries
Written May 17, 2007
A drama about a Jewish woman in the resistance during the Nazi occupation of Holland, by the director of Showgirls. Almost nothing but sex and lurid melodrama from start to finish, but I appreciated the fact that this is the only movie about jews on the run from Nazis that isn't afraid to be irreverent. For example, some of the Nazis are good people, and some of the persecuted turn out to be bloodthirsty and evil (the plot, in fact, turns on the heroine being in danger from her own countrymen). And because it is so deliberately kitschy, you can enjoy it as a war thriller without feeling guilty, though I got lost in all the double crossing. The lead is very sexy and her slutty friend is even sexier. I want to see it again with friends.
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Black Book:One of the Best of 2007

By Moviedude
Written June 27, 2007
Black Book,I can tell you now,will be on my list for the top ten movies of 2007.this was one of my more favorite moviegoing experiences so far this year.I loved this movie.There was plenty of Oscar-Worthy performances in here.Carice VanHouten is mesmerizing as a "modern-day Mata-Hari,and I think she should be considered for the Best-Actress Oscar.Sebastian Koch gives his second Oscar-level performance within a month,after his fantastic turn in The Lives of Others,and should someday recieve his Oscar.Everyone else is great to,even the people who are only in the movie for a few seconds.Paul Verhoven's direction is also Oscar-level.He creates tension in this movie almost effortlessly,and is one of the best directors today as Black Book adds onto his lists of masterworks.The movie does get a little violent,but it's a war movie,how could it not?It also gets a little dramatic,but the movie is so well-acted,and directed,I strongly recommend it to everyone,and if you can see it do so,enjoy.
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