To Lela Grant and all of us

By birac
Written December 27, 2010
Yes,Natalie Portman gave more than 100 % to this role,which is why I say so-so,rather than NO. Why would I even think about saying NO? Because as LG stated, unnecessarily explicit sexual garbage on screen. AND WE ARE LETTING MEDIA DUMB US DOWN TO IT.Too much emphasis in this film. We realize that coming into this aspect of Nina's personality was a key to owning the Black Swan role without the filming of masturbation and girl on girl oral sex being thrown in the faces of the general public. Again, you may hit that no button for 'was this helpful?'-but I refuse to not address the fact that we can comprehend an intriguing thriller without having pornography,again,being fed to us. Most are uncomfortable,but don't admit it. It is harmful to people trying to keep some morality in their lives. This was a very good film otherwise,I wont say the movie was ruined...but WHY does no one admit the problem here????
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By secretagent99
Written December 26, 2010
Black Swan is porn. Don't expect to be entertained. Natalie P. as the premier ballerina, masturbates in the presence of her mother, she then has a full on close up focus girl going down on her scene, that belongs in the XXX genre. Don't go.
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How to destroy a ballet based thriller: first hire Darren Aronofsky, then cast non-dancers

By Eschetic
Written December 27, 2010
The basic story of the artist so wrapped up in her role she loses herself with tragic consequences is perfectly valid - Carlos Saura did it with a flamenco CARMEN in a 1983 Spanish film brilliantly. With competent writing and direction, it could make a *thrilling* film, but under Aronofsky's self indulgent, close ups (to hide his non-dancing leads), the screenplay by three separate hands lacks any revelations. Is the choreographer a monster trying to seduce the virginal Portman or merely trying to get a performance out of her? Is Portman being drugged by an ambitious rival in the corps de ballet or perhaps her own jealous mother or is she merely having a breakdown pressured from her big break and her quest for "perfection"? The director thinks we're shallow enough to confuse obscurity with sophistication or surrealism. Worst of all the final "coup de theatre" belies the "triumph" preceding it. This is merely beauty-free, failed Grand Guignol semi-leavened with inexcusable pornography.
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Portman's work definitely deserves a GO

Written December 30, 2010
Even though it was the same throughout the movie,not much dimension,so you lose the awe shortly into the film-you can still tell she put everything into it..both mentally and physically. Sadly,the decision to so graphically depict the masturbation, orgasm and oral sex scenes just wreck my opinion. So disappointing in an otherwise adequate,first person,depiction of psychological disintegration. I believe that the horror aspects some are questioning are well placed here,because an intense breakdown would include horrifying perspectives of your world,especially if you were aware it was happening,and helpless to stop it. Addressing the sexual aspects,again,the same awareness of what an audience needs to know come through just as well with implication and suggestion-we do not need more pornography,a hideous disease that is tragically the norm in society these days. Want to say OHNO because of this,but recognize DA, Portman and Cassell were quite brilliant here otherwise. Kunis was Kunis i
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Black Swan

By fdixon66
Written December 24, 2010
Black Swan is the best movie I have seen this year, Natalie Portman was perfectly cast for her role and I hope she wins the Oscar for her performance. This movie makes you think and allows you to decide for yourself what really happened. It is very rare that a movie does this, so many Hollywood movies are made for 14 year old boys and and insults the audiences intelligence. Black Swan is the opposite and it is clearly a fan favorite, I hope this sends a message to Hollywood that there is an intelligent audience out there that is starving for true art and movie magic like this movie provides. Darren Arronosky is a brilliant director and has finally made the movie he can win a Directing Oscar for. The movie itself is a character study of the light and dark side of a personality that is in all of us, and how can we reconcile both sides in our daily lives. Natalie Portmans character expresses the struggle between these opposing sides with vulnerability that draws you into her world
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