By lucywiley
Written January 29, 2011
If you like off-beat, slices of life deep to the bone, this is your kind of flick. Javier Bardem delivers Uxbal, a believable good-bad guy who shifts his values to keep himself and his two kids alive in the back streets of Barcelona. For anyone facing the downhill side of 50, Buitiful covers all the spiritual bases: life after death; how to live a virtuous existence; how to determine what's right from what seems wrong. Love for the flawed characters oozes from every frame of Biutiful. Uxbal, is exploited as much as he exploits immigrants in this vaunted tourist destination. He's not above taking money for "helping" the dead move on from the living. Nor is he immune to the pulls of humanity's softer side: the erratic love of his mentally ill wife or the desperation of an African woman and her baby. When Uxbal sees a short time to make a difference, he tries with unexpected results. Warning: not everything is spelled out. This story is as "Buitiful" as the whole human race.
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By wrndysmailbox
Written January 17, 2011
Javeir Bardam , excellent..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Exceptional story with great emotional depth,cinematic wonder, this is a director who really captures memory and feeling like no other!!!!!!!!Love this~~~
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Gritty and Gripping

By Timo57
Written January 31, 2011
Being a huge Javier Bardem fan, I was eager to see Biutiful, without knowing in advance much about the story of the movie. While I was certainly not disappointed with any aspect of this movie, including wonderful acting performances, precise, skillful direction and a gripping story, I was not prepared for the depth of sadness and despair the movie conveyed, with an incredibly realistic look at lives of people with no candy coating of how trying and downright frightening people's lives can be, mostly in an attempt to survive and maintain family and other relationships. This movie seems to force the viewer to participate in the reality of all of this despair, which is an amazing feat. There is subtle, very well executed cinematography throughout as well. I look forward to viewing it again, (although need for a few months to pass before I do because of the intensity) because it has so many messages and metaphors that most can relate to on some level.
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By cmrish
Written February 08, 2011
Gutturuly depressing. I had to step out for 10 minutes at one point for fresh air, as Inarriti and Bardem were able to grab and tear at my gut and soul, making me feel literally was that good.....and bad. You have to see it yourself and make up your mind.
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His best role/chartacter ever!

By lovemybasset
Written January 26, 2011
Bardem deserves today's Oscar nomination for the tour de force performance he delivers in Biutiful. And having seen all the other nominees, i have to say for me this was by far the best acting job this year; just sorry it has been almost completely absent from the radar. I was lucky to see it in its ONE WEEK run during the holidays in Los Angeles. Inarritu's movies always deal with brutal realities confronted by ordinary people, without manipulating the audience's sentiments or insulting their intelligence. Bardem's increasingly desperate father never loses his dignity, his yearning to connect, his desire to confront his reality without succumbing to despair, and his efforts to let his family savor every moment of his love are achingly acted. Run, don't walk to the movies if you want to see a serious movie about serious matters in a beautifully written, wonderfully shot and poetically directed work of art. A master class in acting, and a winner in every way! Felicidades Sr. Bardem!
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