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By pikachu1435
Written June 21, 2013
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beyond dumb

By angelenaii
Written January 07, 2010
this move was beyond the dumbest movie i have ever seen in my life watched it on one of those free movie website's and it was horrible. Everything in the movie was cheesy. I havent got that an idea of why the movie was ever created. If it wasnt for the pretty girls in the movie it would be unwatchable if u wanna check out the movie without wasting your money email me and ill tell you the website .........
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Total guilty pleasure

By lyndsayfletcher
Written January 10, 2010
I'm guessing that whoever wrote the last review..was going to see an in depth and deep movie about 3 women and their ability to not fall in to stereotypes to succeed in life. Well...they were wrong. THANK GOD! This movie was about 3 hot women, using their umm..assets and some amazing combat ability to screw over every one around them, all while in a push up bra :) This movie was totally tongue in cheek, and no one took themselves too seriously. If you want to see a shoot em up, with some amazingly hot chicks, and things that go "boom," ***** Slap is a must!
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