Bitch Slap Synopsis
A stripper, a drug-runner, and a powerbroker arrive in the desert to extort a kingpin.
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Los Angeles Times

Despite its obsession with décolletage, Bitch Slap is surprisingly puritanical (much teasing, no pleasing), substituting plentiful violence...
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Kirk Honeycutt
Over-the-top -- and ultimately tiresome -- female mud-wrestling, kick-boxing and cat fights in a parody of old exploitation movies.
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By Joe Leydon
Overblown and underwhelming, Bitch Slap is a desperately unfunny attempt to satirically recycle cliches and archetypes from sexploitation...
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L.A. Weekly

By Ernest Hardy
In keeping with the film’s giddy superficiality, what’s revealed is a series of sexy poses passed off as character depth. All the...
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San Francisco Chronicle

Bitch Slap is garbage. It's self-aware garbage - garbage that explores and celebrates, in postmodern fashion, precisely what it means to be...
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By pikachu1435
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Total guilty pleasure

By lyndsayfletcher
I'm guessing that whoever wrote the last review..was going to see an in depth and deep movie about 3 women and their ability to not fall in to stereotypes to succeed in life. Well...they were...

beyond dumb

By angelenaii
this move was beyond the dumbest movie i have ever seen in my life watched it on one of those free movie website's and it was horrible. Everything in the movie was cheesy. I havent got that an idea...

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Rated R | For brief drug use, strong sexual content, language throughout and brutal violence