Birdman Synopsis
A washed-up actor, whose most-famous role was a superhero, makes a Broadway bid for glory.
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birdman grounded by incomprehensible dialogue

By edwardf336
As one watches with awe the camera work and extraordinary physical performance of Michael Keaton. one strains every nerve to make out the actual words in the passionate utterances of Mr. Keaton, and...

Thought provoking???

By wilsonab
Any movie labeled thought provoking usually turns out to be a big bore. This one is no different. This is the type of movie the Hollywood circle loves and will probably win lots of awards. ...

By martinstampler
The acting was spot on and the dialogue and cinematography were incredible. However, I certainly didn't leave the movie floored by what I had just viewed. Gone girl did that to me. The problem...

Original and Hypnotic

By cina-ma
At last! A thoughtful, complicated movie for adults that thinks outside the box. This story of a successful Hollywood action hero, who is getting on in age and is now trying to make a splash as a...

A Must See

By wellssb
Fantastic thought provoking tragic comedy. Subtle but powerful photographic and music all synchronized to enhance the story line....


By distinctgems796
Dreadful movie. I hated it. The acting was amazing The story and theme stunk....

total dud.

By dguitarsmiami
OK so, we saw Birdman yesterday and we would love to say it was a fantastic film. But, despite the great acting from all cast members, I can't. Unfortunately, it was quite possibly the most boring...

Walked out after one hour

By carolyn515
I tried, I swear I really tried. Thank God I went to the early show and only lost 6 bucks. I've walked out on 2 other movies in my whole middle age life. My time is worth more than this bird...

Waste of time and money

By jasheshe
This is the WORST movie we have seen in many years. There is NO redeeming value to be found and it would be more entertaining to watch rats drown in a bath tub. This is Hollywood with its finger in...


By Obama2012
Just like "The Judge", these movies today seem to be unable to separate drama from over the top melodrama. Stilted dialogue with yelling and crying and dream sequences do not make a movie moving or...

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Rated R | For Brief Violence, Some Sexual Content and Language Throughout
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Common Sense Media says Excellent, mature dramedy about failure, success, identity.
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