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Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Synopsis
A soldier recounting life before returning to Iraq.
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A master piece

By mockbat
One of the best films I have seen this year. Actors all did absolutely brilliant jobs. Joe Alwyn is definitely a rising star in the film industry. No need to say that director Ang Lee has led a movie...

Why are you red necks so triggered ?

By ar1124kn0037
"anti-war" and "depressing". What did you think war is ? a video game ? Is it supposing to be fun to watch ? telling it what it is is bad ? you just want your troops to go kill those who you hate,...

Nails the big picture, little things fall flat

By aweber1303
I had high hopes for this movie. It does a good job with its big themes, about being a solider, the bond between them, and coming back. But a lot of the execution just isn't very convincing. Some...

Dont do it.

By rusbel2288
Movie sucks...

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

By mylescrawley
This film lacks depth. The storyline and plot was lacking, and as a result it felt like you were on hold for most of the film. Kind of like a fever dream. Honestly, I just wanted it to be over. The...

Billy Lynn Was Horrible.

By adrkir
Setting myself on fire would have been much more enjoyable....

Must see and learn for all Amricans

By inkwell4fan
A great movie showing us what the Iraq War is really like, its reality and the untold human cost, the disturbing disconnect between the reality of American life and reality of a war, stretching over...

quite good

By bkapner
very true to the book.....

Brilliant! A surreality that nails it!!!

By ricwms1352

Deserves a better fate.

By schreibwo2
Okay the movie hasn't gotten great reviews, which is a shame because it is a phenomenal piece of film making. Sadly a Taiwanese born friend and me had essentially a private showing of the film as we...

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Common Sense Media says Violent war-hero drama has too many scattered ideas.
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