Billy Drago

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 David Carradine Night of the Templar
2012 Udo Kier Night of the Templar
2007 Rutger Hauer Moving McAllister
2007 Fred Williamson Revamped
2006 Michael Parks The Dead One
2006 Maria Conchita Alonso The Dead One
2006 Ted Levine The Hills Have Eyes
2006 Kathleen Quinlan The Hills Have Eyes
2006 Buck Taylor Miracle at Sage Creek
2006 David Carradine Miracle at Sage Creek
2005 Max Perlich 7 Mummies
2004 Mary Lynn Rajskub Mysterious Skin
2004 Elisabeth Shue Mysterious Skin
2000 Ben Gazzara Very Mean Men
2000 Charles Durning Very Mean Men
2000 Louise Fletcher Very Mean Men
2000 Martin Landau Very Mean Men
2000 Burt Young Very Mean Men
2000 Matthew Modine Very Mean Men
2000 Charles Napier Very Mean Men
1998 Charles Napier Lima: Breaking The Silence
1998 Shia LaBeouf Monkey Business
1997 Shannon Tweed Assault on Devil's Island
1997 Carl Weathers Assault on Devil's Island
1996 James Brolin Blood Money
1996 Jeff Goldblum Mad Dog Time
1996 Gregory Hines Mad Dog Time
1996 Kyle MacLachlan Mad Dog Time
1996 Gabriel Byrne Mad Dog Time
1996 Joey Bishop Mad Dog Time
1996 Ellen Barkin Mad Dog Time
1996 Rob Reiner Mad Dog Time
1996 Burt Reynolds Mad Dog Time
1996 Richard Dreyfuss Mad Dog Time
1996 Richard Pryor Mad Dog Time
1996 Henry Silva Mad Dog Time
1996 Diane Lane Mad Dog Time
1996 Michael J. Pollard Mad Dog Time
1996 Brad Dourif Phoenix
1995 David Naughton Mirror, Mirror 3: The Voyeur
1995 John Savage The Takeover
1993 Bruce Campbell The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. [TV Series]
1993 John Astin The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. [TV Series]
1993 Allen Garfield Cyborg 2
1993 Tracey Walter Cyborg 2
1993 Jack Palance Cyborg 2
1993 Elias Koteas Cyborg 2
1993 Angelina Jolie Cyborg 2
1993 Michael Paré Deadly Heroes
1993 Lance Henriksen The Outfit
1992 Michael Ironside Guncrazy
1992 James LeGros Guncrazy
1992 Ione Skye Guncrazy
1992 Drew Barrymore Guncrazy
1992 Tracey Walter Guncrazy
1992 Jeremy Davies Guncrazy
1992 Joe Dallesandro Guncrazy
1991 Robert Forster Diplomatic Immunity
1991 Robert DoQui Diplomatic Immunity
1990 Richard Jaeckel Delta Force 2: Operation Stranglehold
1990 Bill Campbell Delta Force 2: Operation Stranglehold
1990 Chuck Norris Delta Force 2: Operation Stranglehold
1989 Buck Henry Dark Before Dawn
1989 Ben Johnson Dark Before Dawn
1989 Doug McClure Dark Before Dawn
1989 James Tolkan True Blood
1989 Jeff Fahey True Blood
1989 Sherilyn Fenn True Blood
1988 Steve Franken Freeway
1988 Darlanne Fluegel Freeway
1988 Michael Callan Freeway
1988 Richard Belzer Freeway
1988 Clint Howard Freeway
1988 James Russo Freeway
1988 Kenneth Tobey Freeway
1988 Chuck Norris Hero and the Terror
1988 Ron O'Neal Hero and the Terror
1988 Doug McClure Prime Suspect
1988 Susan Strasberg Prime Suspect
1988 Michael Parks Prime Suspect
1987 Kim Delaney Hunter's Blood
1987 Ken Swofford Hunter's Blood
1987 Bruce Glover Hunter's Blood
1987 Billy Bob Thornton Hunter's Blood
1987 Yaphet Kotto In Self Defense
1987 Lynn Stalmaster The Untouchables
1987 Andy Garcia The Untouchables
1987 Charles Martin Smith The Untouchables
1987 Mali Finn The Untouchables
1987 Robert De Niro The Untouchables
1987 Clifton James The Untouchables
1987 Sean Connery The Untouchables
1987 Kevin Costner The Untouchables
1987 Patricia Clarkson The Untouchables
1986 Dean Stockwell Banzai Runner
1986 Chris Makepeace Vamp
1986 Dar Robinson Vamp
1985 Chuck Norris Invasion U.S.A.
1985 John Russell Pale Rider
1985 Clint Eastwood Pale Rider
1985 Richard Dysart Pale Rider
1985 Carrie Snodgress Pale Rider
1985 Chris Penn Pale Rider
1985 Michael Moriarty Pale Rider
1984 Tracey Walter Hunter: Pen Pals
1981 John Heard Cutter's Way
1981 Jeff Bridges Cutter's Way
1981 Stephen Elliott Cutter's Way
1981 Nina Van Pallandt Cutter's Way
1981 Lisa Eichhorn Cutter's Way
1981 Trevor Howard Windwalker
1979 M. Emmet Walsh No Other Love
1979 Richard Thomas No Other Love
1979 Julie Kavner No Other Love
1979 Robert Loggia No Other Love
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