Billy Burke
Date of Birth
Nov 25, 1966

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 Alicia Silverstone Angels in Stardust
2013 Parker Posey Highland Park
2013 Danny Glover Highland Park
2012 Crispin Glover Freaky Deaky
2012 Christian Slater Freaky Deaky
2012 Giancarlo Esposito Revolution [TV Series]
2012 Giancarlo Esposito Revolution: Season 01
2011 Pruitt Taylor Vince Drive Angry
2011 David Morse Drive Angry
2011 William Fichtner Drive Angry
2011 Nicolas Cage Drive Angry
2011 Lukas Haas Red Riding Hood
2011 Gary Oldman Red Riding Hood
2011 Julie Christie Red Riding Hood
2011 Virginia Madsen Red Riding Hood
2010 Elliott Gould Removal
2010 Ray Liotta Ticket Out
2009 Graham Greene The Twilight Saga: New Moon
2008 Maury Chaykin The Grift
2008 John Savage The Grift
2008 Mary Beth Hurt Untraceable
2008 Diane Lane Untraceable
2007 Fred Ward Feast of Love
2007 Greg Kinnear Feast of Love
2007 Morgan Freeman Feast of Love
2007 Jane Alexander Feast of Love
2007 Lee Garlington Forfeit
2007 Ryan Gosling Fracture
2007 Bob Gunton Fracture
2007 Anthony Hopkins Fracture
2007 Fiona Shaw Fracture
2007 Embeth Davidtz Fracture
2007 David Strathairn Fracture
2007 George Segal Three Days to Vegas
2007 Rip Torn Three Days to Vegas
2007 Peter Falk Three Days to Vegas
2004 Barry Levinson The Jury [TV Series]
2004 John Travolta Ladder 49
2004 Joaquin Phoenix Ladder 49
2003 Jake Busey Lost Junction
2003 Neve Campbell Lost Junction
2001 Louise Fletcher Afterimage
2001 Jay O. Sanders Along Came a Spider
2001 Penelope Ann Miller Along Came a Spider
2001 Michael Moriarty Along Came a Spider
2001 Dylan Baker Along Came a Spider
2001 Morgan Freeman Along Came a Spider
2001 Dana Delany Final Jeopardy
2000 Fred Williamson The Independent
2000 Ron Howard The Independent
2000 Janeane Garofalo The Independent
2000 Anne Meara The Independent
2000 Max Perlich The Independent
2000 Peter Bogdanovich The Independent
2000 Karen Black The Independent
2000 Bob Odenkirk The Independent
2000 Jerry Stiller The Independent
2000 Ben Stiller The Independent
2000 Martin Donovan Wonderland [TV Series]
2000 Patricia Clarkson Wonderland [TV Series]
2000 Ted Levine Wonderland [TV Series]
1999 Henry Winkler Dill Scallion
1999 Lauren Graham Dill Scallion
1999 Peter Berg Dill Scallion
1999 Jill Hennessy Komodo
1998 Terry Kinney Don't Look Down
1998 Christina Applegate Mafia!
1998 Lloyd Bridges Mafia!
1998 Olympia Dukakis Mafia!
1998 Jay Mohr Mafia!
1998 Judith Ivey Without Limits
1998 Billy Crudup Without Limits
1998 Donald Sutherland Without Limits
1998 Jeremy Sisto Without Limits
1994 Gregory Sierra Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Second Skin
1994 Andrew Robinson Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Second Skin
1994 Lawrence Pressman Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Second Skin
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