Billy: The Early Years

By hippydippygal
Written October 14, 2008
Wonderful, inspiring movie....Not many of them out there....Makes you think and holds your attention...Wonderful story and highly recommend it....God does work in mysterious ways..
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Billy The Early Years

By Dotti Goggins
Written October 13, 2008
This movie was well done and entertaining as well as spiritual. It was respectful of Mr. Graham and his family. The soundtrack was VERY GOOD. It is a movie one could take a family member of any age to see, a rarity in these times.
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Oh no!!!!!!!

By simhou
Written January 16, 2009
I would never ever recommend this nonsensical bore.
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Billy: The Early Years

Written October 13, 2008
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By jessie112
Written October 11, 2008
I LOVED this movie! I don't really know what I was expecting and to be honest, I don't even know who Billy Graham is, but this movie was so touching. It's great for the family because of it's message. The movie is actually really funny, too. I laughed a lot. At the end of the movie, I didn't want to get up. In the theater there were about 13 people, and NO ONE moved, talked or got out of their seats until the last of the credits ended. I've never seen people stay like that. I just want to say this is a movie I will watch over again, and I will buy it, too.
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