Bill Reimbold

Worked With

Year Name Title
1992 Anthony Hopkins To Be the Best
1985 Valerie Perrine Water
1985 Alfred Molina Water
1985 Dick Shawn Water
1985 Leonard Rossiter Water
1985 Fred Gwynne Water
1985 Billy Connolly Water
1985 Brenda Vaccaro Water
1985 Michael Caine Water
1985 Dennis Dugan Water
1983 Richard Pryor Superman III
1983 Robert Beatty Superman III
1983 Christopher Reeve Superman III
1983 Robert Vaughn Superman III
1983 Annette O'Toole Superman III
1983 Graham Stark Superman III
1983 Jackie Cooper Superman III
1983 Margot Kidder Superman III
1981 Pat O'Brien Ragtime
1981 James Olson Ragtime
1981 Brad Dourif Ragtime
1981 Samuel L. Jackson Ragtime
1981 Michael Jeter Ragtime
1981 Elizabeth McGovern Ragtime
1981 Kenneth McMillan Ragtime
1981 Bessie Love Ragtime
1981 Richard Griffiths Ragtime
1981 Moses Gunn Ragtime
1981 Norman Mailer Ragtime
1981 John Ratzenberger Ragtime
1981 Howard E. Rollins, Jr. Ragtime
1981 Mandy Patinkin Ragtime
1981 James Cagney Ragtime
1981 Jeff Daniels Ragtime
1981 Donald O'Connor Ragtime
1981 Mary Steenburgen Ragtime
1981 Debbie Allen Ragtime
1981 Alfred Molina Raiders of the Lost Ark
1981 Vic Armstrong Raiders of the Lost Ark
1981 Frank Marshall Raiders of the Lost Ark
1981 Tutte Lemkow Raiders of the Lost Ark
1981 Karen Allen Raiders of the Lost Ark
1981 Harrison Ford Raiders of the Lost Ark
1981 Denholm Elliott Raiders of the Lost Ark
1981 John Rhys-Davies Raiders of the Lost Ark
1976 Sandy Dennis Nasty Habits
1976 Glenda Jackson Nasty Habits
1976 Jerry Stiller Nasty Habits
1976 Eli Wallach Nasty Habits
1976 Rip Torn Nasty Habits
1976 Anne Meara Nasty Habits
1976 Geraldine Page Nasty Habits
1976 Melina Mercouri Nasty Habits
1976 Anne Jackson Nasty Habits
1976 Edith Evans Nasty Habits
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