Big Trouble in Little China Synopsis
A trucker (Kurt Russell) and a lawyer (Kim Cattrall) get trapped in a sorcerer's empire.
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Amazing classic

By Rivcogent
Amazing classic that just never gets old. Timeless!...

big trouble in little china

By philtix
wow! saw it when it first came out . forgot just how funny it was. classic....

Its all in the reflexes!

By TheDarthcow
This is a perfect movie directed by God himself John Carpenter starring Jack Burton A.k.a Snake Plisken a.k.a. Captain Ron a.k.a. Kurt Russel...

Best. Movie. Ever.

By thesnowsheep
'nuff said....

It's all in the reflexes

By Surgere
Best movie ever...

Big Fun in "Little China"

By darth_robb
The classic 80's flick "Big Trouble In Little China" returned to the big screen for one night only to celebrate its 25th anniversary at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood courtesy of the American...

great movie

By rlippert
it was so much fun seeing this movie in the theatre....


By lorenhenmi94014
One of the greatest movies of my generation! Perfect in every way. Endlessly quotable and cosplayable. I hope there are more cool movies rereleased in theaters like this!...

An 80's Classic

By pkelly784
I cannot imagine anyone needing a review of this movie, most fans have seen it a million times since it came out almost 30 years ago. Great fantasy/kung-fu story intertwined with some hilariously...


By silverscor24
great movie still good after all this time.....

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Rated PG-13 | For Not Rec. for Young Children