Mr H

By mh130459
Written February 21, 2011
The movie was nicely done and humorous. Martin Lawrence did another great job as Big Momma. This movie kept me and my family entertained the entire time. We were not disappointed in any way with this movie. Great Job!!
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Funny Funny Funny

By Passion5
Written February 21, 2011
This movie is so funny and is action from the beginning to the end. I loved it.
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like father like son

By monetreyn
Written February 13, 2011
The best movie I am ever going to see I can't wait until next Friday me and my family are going to see the movie
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Cute family movie

By foxxyface82
Written March 03, 2011
I went to see this movie with my 4 y/o nephew and we had a great time! The movie was very funny and age appropriate enough for him as well. I enjoy going to see movies but don't always want to have to see cartoons in order to ensure the content is appropriate for him. There are a lot of negative reviews and I feel that fans are expecting the same type of comedy found in some of Martin's previous movies such A Thin Line Between Love and Hate and Blue Streak but this indeed was intended to be a family film and both met and exceeded my expectations.
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Good movie

Written March 01, 2011
Really liked the movie, thought it was great. I think both adults and children would enjoy the movie. Big mama always brings a laugh...
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