Wasn't ONE enough?

By ALanczki
Written February 15, 2011
Who really goes to see this GARBAGE? Wasn't one Big Mommas house enough? Tyler Perry and his crap has flooded the market with stupid black actors playing women? Guess this proves why Americans are looked down on by other cultures. If this is something you are excited or wasted money to see I have a dog who chases it's tail I'll charge 5.00 an hour to watch!! Demand MORE from movies!!
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Momma Gonna Knock You Out

By rawvibes
Written February 21, 2011
Don’t need a momma to tell me this movie is funny. Trent’s out of high school and he got a letter that he is accepted into Duke University. Trent would rather be a rapper by the name of Prodi-G. So one day he’s approached by a record label but the contract needs a guardian’s signature since he’s only 17. Malcolm (Martin Lawrence) doesn’t sign the paper since he thinks it would be better if Trent (Brandon T. Jackson) stays in school. So Trent follows Malcolm on a stake-out to see if he can force him to sign the record contract, but finds himself witnessing a murder by a Russian bad guy. Malcolm has a plan to hide the both of them until they catch the murder at the Georgia Girls School of the Arts. Hilarious. All around great comedy/crime story for all ages, but it is pg-13. I think this one is the funniest out of the franchise. I think people will now have confidence in watching another Martin Lawrence Film. Loved it 4 out of 5 stars.
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By Dragon_Girl
Written May 26, 2013
I love martin lawrence movies. they are so funny. this is a great fun movie to watch.
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No More BIg Momma Movies!!

By Aronica
Written February 21, 2011
too predictable...not all that funny. Wish Sherry would have been in the movie (Trent's Mom). The lines that were funny should have been played up and further developed. Unrealistic activity with the college girls...no college girl is going to steal a chicken (rooster). Very disappointing
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Don't bother..I want my 107 min back

By javone
Written February 20, 2011
Ok, so I have been a fan of the Big Momma franchise since the beginning. And I am guessing Martin just had to pay his mortgage. Because this movie is THE worse. There must have been 5 jokes in the entire movie. Wait for this to come on TBS on the weekend in the summer. Not even HBO.
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