Very touching story with fabulous views of Alaska!

By rebecca m
Written February 04, 2012
Living in Alaska while this movie was filmed, I was not really sure what to expect when we hit the movie theater this weekend. The landscape just makes you want to experience our great big state! The story is touching and there is enough reality within the story to make you feel a part of it. The nuances that Hollywood added to make the situation somewhat more romantic did not impact the message of the movie. The Native Alaskan people were portrayed as the wonderful caretakers of this vast wilderness, which is what they are and have been for so long! The movie reminds us that we are all much more than mere inhabitants of the Earth; we must strive to also be caretakers and problem solvers in order to preserve it. The movie made me feel good about my recycling efforts, and the fact that my family picks up trash where ever we visit in Alaska. My 5 year old freaked out on us once she realized the plight of the whales and that it was filmed here, but it was a fabulous movie experience!!!!!
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Big Miracle

By Chrisap
Written February 04, 2012
Enjoyed the movie. Took my 9 and 5 year old grand daughters who also enjoyed it. Good story line and we all love something with mammals or sea life right? Like Drew Barrymore and Ted Danson so that was a plus as well. Would recommend it as good all around family entertainment. Have been telling the rest of the family to see it as well.
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Big Miracle

By popcorn55
Written February 07, 2012
I took my grandkids to see this movie. They loved it. It had a couple of sad scences but overall it was a good movie for the family to see!
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Great movie!

By GregCain73
Written February 05, 2012
This was a great movie! I enjoyed it, it was a very touching true story that took place in the late 1980's, great decade lots of things got started in this decade. Two great actors Drew Berrymore, seen many of her movies even when she first started out. Ted Danson from one of my favorite TV shows from the 80's. It was a similar movie to another great true story "A Dolphin Tale" I also liked that movie too. They need to make more great stories like this one on animal rescues.
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Great movie, but a little long

By wolfpacleader1986
Written February 04, 2012
I am a HUGE fan of "feel-good" movies and this movie is right up there with the rest of them. To me, this was a modern day "Free Willy", but based in fact. It is at the center, a love story, between a news reporter and an ex who works for Greenpeace who he still has feelings for. It also is the story of how people from different backgrounds, nations, and beliefs can come together for the good of nature. I'm NOT going to lie, I'm a man's man and there were moments that I actually teared up during this movie. The big one is a HUGE spoiler, so I don't want to say what it is, but your eyes will tell you for SURE. It's a VERY heartwarming film and definitely one the whole family can see. My main problem with this movie, however, is its length and it's enough for me to knock it down from "Must Go" to "Go". The pacing is a little slow, and even though it clocks in at around 1:45, it feels longer than that. If that's NOT a problem for you, then by all means, go see it!
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