Good, but...

Written September 09, 2009
Patton Oswalt can do no wrong. He's the only living stand up comedian, other than Louis CK, worth paying attention to. All the others (Hicks, Pryor, Kinison, Hedberg, Carlin, etc) are dead. So to Patton and Louis, please don't die. Now BIG FAN... (shpoilers ahead) BIG FAN is a standard boilerplate indie film. The story feels like Gallo's Buffalo 66 meets Mangold's Heavy. It does not promise much, but delivers exactly on what it does promise. And for that it is commendable. Patton is solid and should act. The main flaw, however, is that Paul (Patton) has no arc. None. After getting to know Paul it would be nice to see him a tad closer to what he needs (like Billy and Vincent respectively in the above exs.) I understand that the film's statement is probably "some people don't change; some fight for the equilibrium they want, not the one that they need". Ok. Got it. But do WE need to be told this? Why? So Paul "wins", Patton wins, and the filmmaker wins. Does the viewer?
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Five Word Review

By Rastifryeye
Written September 01, 2009
Heavy drama about pathetic loser
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Five Word Review

By rkuebler
Written October 16, 2009
good but a little dark
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The King of Buffalo

By spamtrap
Written September 16, 2009
"Big Fan" is a fairly good comic drama by itself... but it reminds me too much of other films for me to be impressed with it. It's pretty much a combination of "King of Comedy" and "Buffalo 66" with a bit of "Bad LIeutenant" thrown in. One of the actors (Kevin Corrigan) was even in Buffalo 66 (he played Billy Brown's (Vincent Gallo's) best friend Rocky / Goon). It's more of a drama than a comedy. The film does a great job capturing the "east coast attitude", has an interesting story line, and a surprise ending that isn't corny or silly. I rate it a bit higher than "so so" but lower than "go".
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