Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Synopsis
Milkha Singh the world champion in 400 meters lost the most important race of his life - the 1960 Rome Olympics - but won in LIFE.
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Entertaining but slow!!! Yes, Milkha is slow!

By rruchit
If you are looking for entertainment, this one is for you. Somewhere I found overacting and extra hardwork to make a scene funny. However, it was a movie made for 1950-60s era and when you keep that...

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is not a 400m race, but a half-marathon

By mrb65
Yes, the movie is gripping for most time, but there are intervals when you can get up to go grab a coke or visit restroom without missing much action. I'd have loved the movie had it been edited with...

Over Lengthy... Over Dramatic ... Over Hyped... Still Good Watch

By vishalsurana25
Movie was good in all the aspects except editing... should have been trimmed by 30-40 mins... many scenes unwanted.. may be intimate scenes in Australia or drinking Ghee or sequences of Ishri with...

Bhaat Milkha Bhaag

By sushilnpatel
A flawless movie - extremely well done - an experience of a lifetime. Each moment was engaging. Will reap acting and moviemaking rewards I am sure. Exception: 3 hours and 8 minutes - could have...

Nice story line but a bit lengthy

By anshuenthu
The movie is well made and has a good story line but the editing could have been done better to cut the unnecessary part by at least an hour....

Wonderful True story

By pintukrunal
I like to see this movie is again. Its straight & smooth story. Didn't find any kind of boar situation in this movie, where I can go out or take out my cell & check emails & msgs. I suggest to...

A must go movie !

By amalarindam
Its a long movie, but you will never regret sitting for 3 hours because the character will just hold you. A must go movie. Go, experience the action !!...

Great Movie, albeit a bit stretched

By golmaal76
I think this movie needs two intermissions! Yeah, it's THAT long [ think: Sholay ] Having said that, it's very well made and Farhaan has outdone himself as Milkha Singh! I def. watch, just be...

Very Nice

Long but engrossing film - well worth the watch for intensity of the story and the great acting by the protagonist. The rock song 'Zinda' is awesome - I got it from iTunes immediately after the...

Great movie but has scenes that are not appropriate for kids

By chauhanani
It's a very good movie but unfortunately there are scenes that are not appropriate for kids. First half of the movie was just superb but in the second half it dragged quiet a bit. I wish they had...

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