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Deadspiel * Werewolf Trouble * Rising up: The Story of the Zombie Rights Movement * Finale

By hmarcos
Written April 28, 2009
This was an extremely fun line up of comical 'horror' themed movies. I really enjoyed Werewolf Trouble and thought it was very clever well done. The last movie seemed a bit out of place in the lineup. I think the group we were with all expected something short and funny and were waiting for the punchline until we realized that it was a very dramatic horror film. I think if we had a little more of an introduction would have better prepared us for what was to follow. It was very professionally done, the person and the camera effects they managed to pull off without CGI's were impressive. I truly thought that Rising Up was the star of the night. What a hysterical concept and the execution was impeccable. I'd recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of zombie movies and especially those who care about zombie rights. I was surprised to see some well known actors in the cast and the one liners and dry humor that crept up on you had us all doubled over laughing. An amazing movie!
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By finalefan
Written April 26, 2009
Great Thriller! I'm not usually a thriller movie fan. But a friend urged me to see this movie. It was great. Visually beautiful - with enough of a story to really elevate it above the genre. I'd see any movie by John Michael Elfors at this point.
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Session 33 - Rising Up; Werewolf Trouble; Deadspiel

By benvie0815
Written April 27, 2009
We loved these movies! The comical treatment of the horror topics was so well done in all three. A very enjoyable evening.
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