Beyond the Farthest Star Synopsis
Pastor Adam Wells has an opportunity to achieve his dream , or restore his broken family.

Movie Reviews

The Bar Has Been Raised for Faith-Based Films

By 120inna55
With regard to writing, acting, production, cinematography, soundtrack, and score, this film can clearly hold its own up against any secular film. The plot was engaging and complex. The acting was...

Beyond the Farthest Star

By rushlightgh
What a beautiful movie! I was completely absorbed in the film, lost in the story and the portrayal of the characters. I felt their struggle and pain, especially with the problems that were similar to...

Engaging Movie, Compelling Impact!

By rob276
Beyond The Farthest Star is without doubt the best faith-based feature film I have ever experienced. I say "experienced" because merely "viewing" this film as a detached observer is next to...

Beyond the Farthest Star

By rogermabra
Great movie! The cast was wonderful. Very heartfelt presentation of a problem that could actually exist and how this family handled it. Uplifting conclusion gives hope to those with similar...

Beyond The Farthest Star Is A breath Of Fresh air

By cynik699
An amazingly poignant story delivered in a masterfully artful medium. It is a must see for everyone in this world...a world that can be so bleak at times. It offers much needed hope in these days...

Real, gripping, powerfully engaging!

By marklrus
This movie is so well written and captured on camera!! It's not very often that I find myself still trying to sort out the ending with only 10 minutes of the film left. Andrew Librizzi skillfully...

So close we held Him in our arms

By pastor752
So real you feel you know these characters and empathize with their struggles. A must see movie!...


By rcreate
This is a movie that stays with you. A movie that is compelling, powerful and unforgettable. I cannot get the story and characters out of my head....

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Rated PG-13 | For mature thematic material, some violence and smoking