• Released
  • September 3, 1995
  • 1 hr 53 min
  • Drama
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Chicago Tribune

By Michael Wilmington
As we watch, we can sense, once again, the eye of a painter, the dreams of a poet and, tying them together, the vision of a master.
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San Francisco Examiner

By Wesley Morris
The least opaque of Antonioni's films, unburdened by stylishness and his imagistic inflammations.
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Chicago Reader

By Jonathan Rosenbaum
This is why movies were invented.
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Los Angeles Times

By Kevin Thomas
A shimmeringly beautiful and wise reverie on love and desire.
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Portland Oregonian

By Shawn Levy
Mostly it's inspiring: to think that a man of Antonioni's years and talents is still capable of producing such vital work.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Edward Guthmann
It's that compelling sense of mystery, of the endless search and its undercurrent of loneliness, that sets this great filmmaker apart.
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The New York Times

By Stephen Holden
The impact of these stories is not in the words but in the way the mood, texture and the acting build each situation into a visually intense parable about the similarity of spiritual, erotic and aesthetic aspiration.
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This meeting of two giants of European cinema only briefly comes to life.
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TV Guide

By Frank Lovece
A sad blot on an impressive career.
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Village Voice

By Michael Atkinson
It's not easy to endure, despite -- or due to the embarrassment of -- an all-star cast.
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66 out of 100
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