Beyond the Black Rainbow Synopsis
A sedated woman with ESP tries to escape from the secluded commune where she's been held captive.
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Interesting little flick

By algodonalacran
This was a trippy film. The best way I can put it, is what if you combined elements of Altered States with Scanners, and then tried making that into an art film. Even then, that description doesn't...

By UltraNurd


Transcend into another reality

By filmvixen1970
This movie has a 80s feel with amazing camera angles. I love simple effects that were used. Absorbed into this 80s sci Fi feel...

By shuynhfdg

Finally, a truly weird movie.

By subgeniusbob
Everyone went and saw Inception and was like 'totally mind-blowing' and 'original' and all this yet it was just derivative crap. Now, I'm an old-schooler for movies that really warp the mind. Stuff...

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Rated R | For Bloody violence, disturbing images, a graphic sexual illustration, language and drug content