'Between Us' should've stayed between them

By kepribyl482
Written October 06, 2014
I have seen a ton of movies, and have never taken the time to write a review. I will say I chose to watch the movie because I am a fan of Taye Diggs (who isn't) as well as Julia Styles. But, this movie was seriously the most depressing, most discouraging, most 'put a person in the dumps' movie I have ever seen. Thank God I didn't see it with my husband. For anyone who is considering getting married, my advice is DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE. It will have you running the other way. The person (people) who wrote this script must be very unhappy, or have some serious issues with the concept of a 'happy' or at least 'average' marriage. This was probably the worst movie I have ever seen. Not for any happy couples to see together...maybe a great movie for a miserable, depressed, mad, divorcing couple to reassure themselves they are doing the right thing. Simply a major waste of my time. Absolutely awful watching 4 people who are all so miserably unhappy. This movie doesn't deserve one star.
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