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    Psychological Sci-Fi


In this offbeat mixture of sci-fi and film noir influences, Tobi (Attila Bertalan), who is a junk dealer and small-time hustler stranded on a dying planet of losers and cast-offs, is desperate to leave and find a better life on Earth. Tobi has learned that a gang of Russian émigrés can arrange passage to Earth, but that leaves Tobi with the difficult task of finding the Russians, and then finding a way to pay his fare. Tobi's best bet for raising the cash is his friend, Tony Lee (Russell Yuen), who has a rare gift for playing cards, but Tobi also has to contend with the scheming of Carmella (Kena Molina), a seductress who says she'll do anything for Tobi; Tobi's supposed friend Louis (Gerald Gagnon); and Louis' significant other (Pascale Bussieres), who enjoys playing Louis and Tobi against each other. Between the Moon and Montevideo was shot on location in Cuba to give the film an unusual and weather-beaten look; Attila Bertalan, who plays Tobi, also served as director and screenwriter. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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