By dugins
Written November 23, 2013
What I enjoyed most was the abundance of images on the big screen, larger than life; a natural beauty. Her narration was so soothing, and what a seemstriss and designer. Hats off to the Hef, for easing her later years. I feel it was the Christian Wrong who put BP and Klaw on the stand. . She represents the Christian Right unabashed, sincere and alive. Just like the reverend Wright who saved her. I have made a pilgrimage to his tabernacle, now on Srock Island, long before she was found in CA. Dividing my time between NY film world and FL beach world, after seeing this film, I feel more sympatico than ever. Lou
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Bettie is a pleasure...

By SilverScreen
Written November 28, 2013
What I love about Bettie is her joie de vivre. It's on full display here, along with the rest of Bettie. ;-) Plenty of wonderful footage, interviews with the likes of Bunny Yaeger, and information about the missing parts of Bettie's life. And all "narrated" by Bettie herself, taken from interviews. The quality of the tapes was fine. I'm so glad I went. You will be, too!
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Bettie Page Reveals All!

By April17ann
Written December 07, 2013
Director Mark Mori did a great job having Bettie tell her story and maintaining her mystic and memory. God bless Dave Stevens, Hugh Hefner and others for making her final years more comfortable and profitable. I've waited a long time for this movie event. I wish Bettie could have seen it, she would have been very proud! Looking forward to DVD release and purchase. A Must Have!
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Bettie Page Reveals All

By mail560
Written November 23, 2013
A fascinating story of a cultural icon. The degree and depth of research into her life were amazing. 141 minutes well spent.
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Told the real story!

By alexjmendez31
Written November 23, 2013
I really enjoyed how she got to tell her story with her own words. for so ling many did not know the truth.
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