Best of RiffTrax: The Room Synopsis
The stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000® are bringing the best of RiffTrax Live back to cinemas this January. On Thursday, January 28 join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for a re-broadcast of their hilarious take on The Room.

Movie Reviews

Terrible movie, great commentary

By jgrig2
Directed, stared, and written by the narcissistic reincarnation of Manos, Tommy Wiseau, this soft-core porn film has everything one wants in a Rifftrax (the MST3k team) film : scenes of a city, fake...

The Room with Rifftrax was so funny! Just like old MST3K

By hsgray233
I had never seen The Room and I wasn't sure what to expect, except that it was supposed to be a terrible movie. And it is! But it is also weirdly riveting. And with RiffTrax it was awesome. My...

Not one page of a second draft wasted!

By kiernt91502
Talk about a perfect vehicle for the Rifftrax crew. Well chosen & the guys did not disappoint! My face hurts, darn it! Thanks fellas!!!...

Simply Terrible

By brucelerner
God-awful. There were 6 people in the theatre. Now I know why. Dreadfully unfunny....

So funny

By koolice
Love watching this movie and this was a fun new way to watch it!...


By mowershark
These guys take a movie so horrible, it's fantastic, and turn it into a comedic masterpiece....


By Donald Trump

Best Movie for the Wrong Reasons

By matrixrush31
The Room is the greatest movie ever because it is so laughably bad. The Rifftrax guys made it even funnier....


By Wfcpain
Taped live show but good...

The room

By brkngbn88
The movie itself was awful but the riff trax was amazing! I literally couldn't stop laughing the entire movie! Love those guys....

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