Life in East Texas

By carolynsfabric
Written June 07, 2012
Bernie was a great movie! Maybe growing up in ETx gave it more meaning to the theater full here - 20min from Carthage, we could all relate to the hilarious slang phrases. Of course, we don't all relate to the storyline! Y'all go see it now.
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So awesome I saw it twice

By tinye123
Written August 12, 2012
I felt a little guilty laughing at a true murder story but Jack Black is hilarious. And as funny as he is, the real towns people playing themselves capture the essence of being southern in a delightful and humorous way. One of the guys deserves his own show on Comedy Central.
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Bernies One day of Eclipse true story

By rawvibes
Written June 18, 2012
In Carthage, TX, a assistant funeral director well loved by all. Director of school plays, town organizor of almost every town events. It would be safe to say that life in Cathage could not be thought of as a place without Bernie. Until that one eclipse of a day that shadowed Bernie for a few secs that changed his life forever. See he hooked up with the town rich widow Marjorie Nugent. Marjorie rapped Bernie like a snake, over his time, his love, and his mind. Who would of thought that pokeman could kill an old lady. This is a documentry slash story of Bernie and how that one fowl day would change a Town forever
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A good show supposedly based on atrue story. Lots of comedy for a show that ends kind of sad.

By 1941Ford
Written June 18, 2012
A show based on a true story supposedly. Lots of comedic action. Good acting. This I would say ought to be for mature audiences, nothing that is objectionable. Good show. All the main stars played their parts well. Jack Black as Bernie was well shown as a well liked person in a small Texas town. Shirley McClain played the mean old lady very well & Matt Mconnoughy played the prosecutor very well.
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By DorotFran6
Written June 12, 2012
My friiends and I laughed so much in this movie, we loved it. Jack Black was great. Not silly, just down right funny. And the local townspeople were wonderful. Loved the format, and everything about this movie. Probably more for adults/seniors. Well written, directed, and scenery was great too.
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