Bad Bernie

By gaylapapa27
Written June 23, 2012
I love Jack Black but this was the worst movie ever. It was "narration adnaseum!" Some of it was funny but it was just toooooo long. They should have cut it in half and played out and focused on Bernie's role more. We were so disappointed we left before the end.
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By DorotFran6
Written June 12, 2012
My friiends and I laughed so much in this movie, we loved it. Jack Black was great. Not silly, just down right funny. And the local townspeople were wonderful. Loved the format, and everything about this movie. Probably more for adults/seniors. Well written, directed, and scenery was great too.
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By NMHiker
Written June 15, 2012
Jack Black gives a knockout performance as Bernie Tiede. In fact this is the type of performance that wins awards. Shirley MacLaine is great as the meanest woman in Carthage. Matthew McConaughey is great as the district attorney. The entire cast deliver an excellent performance. Go see it.
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By cgccooks
Written June 18, 2012
Jack Black did a great job. I enjoyed the real towns people and their commentary, however, I cannot say overall that I was a fan of the movie.
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By lonelletaylor0690
Written July 08, 2012
Good movie. Funny despite Mrs. Nugent's death. Actors did a good job. My husband is from Carthage, TX, the setting for the movie, and we know people who knew and worked with Bernie and knew some of the extras who were in the movie. No sex or visual violence, but does contain vulgar language . . . language that didn't add to and was not needed. We were disappointed in the vulgar language. Went to the movie about 90 miles from Carthage, and it's the only time I've been to a movie where the audience sat through all the credits before leaving the theater.
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