Bernie Can't Say No; You should.

By CharlesHaas
Written May 16, 2012
"Fans of Christopher Guest and Best in Show are advised to buy their tickets now to Richard Linklater’s new film, Bernie. Fans of Richard Linklater and his films, especially those of us who adore his films Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, are advised to stay away. Even those of us who enjoyed his more commercial, though nonetheless amusing, The School of Rock, are advised to think twice..." Full review at Le Journal de Charles Haas.
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Bernie is a Charmer--DON'T miss this movie!!

By ginalombarda
Written May 19, 2012
Today I went to see "Bernie". Of course, it was in one of the smallest screening rooms in the theater. Theres not a lot of loud explosions in it, and it wasn't written by Stan Lee. However, this is a charming film based on a true story. The cast, especially Jack Black, was wonderful. Many of the townspeople were in the movie, and the actors who played townspeople were so great, you couldn't tell the real thing from the actors portraying them. The story is fascinating and funny. Plus, Jack Black gets to sing in it quite a bit, as his character, the real Bernie, used to do. Go see this if you like blackish humor, and if you like a funny story without tooo many gross parts---just a couple very mild ones.
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Just like my Texas hometown.

By lb3894
Written August 06, 2012
Having grown up in a small east Texas town, I knew those people. If not by name then certainly by character. I laughed so hard because it was right on the mark. It is really a wonderful peek at small town Texas. Jack, Shirley and Matthew at their best.
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Oscar for Bernie

By Randymarlowe
Written May 07, 2012
Best and most refreshing movie I have seen since Juno. It is a must see for any one from a small town, especially one in East Texas.
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Fascinating and quirky

By backinNY
Written May 21, 2012
Jack Black was pretty incredible -- quite a departure from his typical oafish characters. And the story is wonderful, odd, disturbing and brings up quite a few interesting uncomfortable truths. I definitely recommend it.
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