By fostersplace
Written May 20, 2012
LOVED THIS MOVIE!!!! Local and famous actors were all excellent and true to East Texas ways. Writing, directing, cinematography -- all wonderful and hope it gets some awards. Only wished I'd gotten there for the movie only. Was deeply disturbed at the level of TV/loud commercials played 10 minutes or more before the movie started! Yuck!!
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Jack Black at His Best!

By gothame
Written April 28, 2012
Brilliant and fast paced, this film is witty, at turns dark, at others uproariously funny and deeply poignant. The cast delivers performances that are uniformly outstanding. Based on a true story, the film subversively questions right and wrong in a way that will linger with the viewer.
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The New Jack Black

By BonVie
Written May 07, 2012
I almost passed on this movie because typically Jack Black movies are not even in my 'to rent' category (Nacho Libre, anyone?). Who knew Jack Black could actually act AND sing? His acting was spot-on - not one goofy or absurd acting moment. He sang in a pure and sweet tenor that was totally appropriate for the material. The movie is about the murder of a wealthy and controlling woman (Shirley MacLaine) by her companion (Black) who is also the local assistant funeral director. While the subject is grim, the story is told with a sense of humor and features local residents so the accents are REAL (as opposed to New Yorker/Hollywood sub-par approximations) which adds the perfect level of authentication. Matthew McConaughey and his mother, Kay, are also in the movie; she should have a career in acting! Bernie was the first movie I'd seen in a long time that prompted spontaneous audience applause at the end, and the theater remained full until the last credit rolled. Very, very good!
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Bernie Rocks!

By llbnyny
Written April 28, 2012
Jack Black's performance is the best of his career. The supporting cast, especially the townspeople, are played to east Texas perfection. Richard Linklater has created a dark, comic "dramedy" that is an entertaining ride from the first frame. Don't miss it!
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Based on a true story!!

By Angie914
Written May 01, 2012
I saw Bernie at the Angelika theater in NYC. The movie is based on an actual Bernie. The movie was funny. But don't expect it to be your typical Jack Black silly funny movie.
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