Bernard Hunter

Worked With

Year Name Title
1962 George Sanders Operation Snatch
1962 Terry-Thomas Operation Snatch
1962 Graham Stark Operation Snatch
1962 Lionel Jeffries Operation Snatch
1962 George Woodbridge Roommates
1962 Eric Barker Roommates
1962 Tom Clegg Roommates
1962 Kenny Williams Roommates
1962 James Robertson Justice Roommates
1962 Jill Ireland Roommates
1962 Liz Fraser Roommates
1962 Brian Oulton Roommates
1962 Victor Maddern Roommates
1962 Geoffrey Keen Roommates
1961 Peter Cushing The Hellfire Club
1961 Adrienne Corri The Hellfire Club
1961 Tutte Lemkow The Hellfire Club
1961 Miles Malleson The Hellfire Club
1961 John Le Mesurier Invasion Quartet
1961 Maurice Denham Invasion Quartet
1961 Spike Milligan Invasion Quartet
1961 John Wood Invasion Quartet
1961 Bill Travers Invasion Quartet
1961 Eric Sykes Invasion Quartet
1961 Thorley Walters Invasion Quartet
1960 Joe Don Baker Girls of Latin Quarter
1960 Jill Ireland Girls of Latin Quarter
1957 Dennis Price Rock Around the World
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