Bereavement Synopsis
Kidnapped from his backyard, Martin has to witness the brutal crimes of a deranged madman.
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By szymonwojcik
Another ridicules horror movie...waste of your money and your time......


By TheHoward
This movie was painful to sit through. You couldn't pay me to go see this again.....seriously. This was worse than Boondock Saints 2 and I thought nothing would ever top that....


By Tony -N- Florida
This movie literally made me create a Fandango account just so I could warn others not to waste their time. When reading the name , looking at the cover art, and reviewing the summary, you can easily...

By lancesmith2009
It was scary and very gory. Didn't get the plot in it....

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Rated R | For Sadistic bloody violence, torture, brief language and nudity