Beowulf: Digital 3D Synopsis
A warrior (Ray Winstone) battles a ferocious demon and its evil, but seductive, mother.

Movie Reviews

You Must See It

By magdaelizetth
I Loved this movie. I enjoyed every moment of it. Its non-realistic, but the suspense is great. This is definately a must see!!!...

Great Look, but a Forced Theme

By cadfaelguy
The tragic-seductiveness-of-power theme is very perhaps, but many of the images hit a deep chord, and come back to you. 3-D is wow. Nudity is -- why not? The use of Anglo-Saxon art is rather good --...


By mkhmwn

Great, Clean 3D - Digital Angelina

By lloydbryant1
The 3D was very impressive. The movie was quite enjoyable. I don't know who digitized Angelina, but they did a delicious job of it....

Don't let the 3D fool you!!!!!!!!

By movewhiz86
I've never written a review but I felt compelled to write one because I've never been so outraged by a movie. I think all English teachers shed a tear, or threw up in their mouth a little, when they...

wonderful interpretation

By seventech
entertaining, mostly sticks to the classic epic, with interesting dramatic changes that support it's theme nicely...

Something Different

By IcEdUp856
I came to this movie with no expectations, never read any of the books, never heard anything about this movie, just that it was going to be on 3d, the story line was alright, the graphics were cool,...

Beowolf Rocks!

By G Money 13
I really enjoyed this movie! Lots of great action and the CGI was superb!...

worth seeing but ehhh

By jeffalbertson
the problem with the animation is everybody looks like patrick swazye no emotion or facial movement...

better then i thought it would be

By lizard
i went with my fifteen year old son and husband just to be a good mom and i ended up really enjoying it very much, great story and great special effects. Not for younger then 10, left our nine year...

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Rated PG-13 | For intense sequences of violence including disturbing images, some sexual material and nudity
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Common Sense Media says Violent animated adventure is no kiddie movie.
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