How can you rate a movie that you have not seen?

By lmotsie
Written November 05, 2007
I gave this a "must go" just to counter-balance the idiot who had to make a high-brow statement about changing great literature into pop entertainment. Geezz.
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By willmayjr
Written November 19, 2007
I dont know what your movie experience will be like but personally i have not one thing to complain about. i saw tihs movie on a 3d imax screen and it was one of the greatest displays of a movie ive ever seen. if you get a chance to see this movie i highly reccommend it. it has everything a good movie about killing demons should have, death, destruction, sex, booze, and the occasional dragon slaying. Hope you enjoy, PEACE
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This is cool!

Written October 20, 2007
The 3D version is suppose to be Rated R! This is going to be neat, they are going to have this movie with 2 different ratings!! I cant wait for Beowulf!
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By Gadget Girl
Written November 30, 2007
This is a spectacular movie filled with rising and falling action and thrills, based on the classic Danish literature The Song of Beowolf. The 3D images on the IMAX screen has the vieweer engaged as a bystander in the film. The renderings of each character were exquisite. Very detailed imagery. The story drew you into the characters as if you were in the time period. Highly recommend, the music scoring, scripting and characterization were at their finest. Beautiful movie.
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Surprisingly good!

By Lizerne Guiting
Written November 15, 2007
The 3D was the best I’ve ever seen in a movie. I winced a few times and caught a few guys squirming in their seats in an action sequence near the end. The story has depth to it: Beowulf is a great king, warrior and hero, but in actuality, he was a very flawed, fallible man with fears of his own. I had forgotten about the literature behind this, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. Angelina Jolie is worth the ticket price for this. Great special effects, voice acting, even comic relief. I’m not much of a fan of her acting, but I can’t deny, she was perfect. Definitely see this in IMAX 3D; it really enhanced the movie. The details are down to the tee. They show wrinkles, little skin marks and imperfections, even aging. Consider the MPAA rating. There’s violence, blood splatters, nudity and a bit of crude humor.
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