Ben Miles

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Jonathan Pryce Woman in Gold
2015 Elizabeth McGovern Woman in Gold
2015 Helen Mirren Woman in Gold
2015 Charles Dance Woman in Gold
2015 Frances Fisher Woman in Gold
2008 Art La Fleur Speed Racer
2008 John Goodman Speed Racer
2008 Susan Sarandon Speed Racer
2008 Christina Ricci Speed Racer
2008 Richard Roundtree Speed Racer
2006 Stephen Rea V for Vendetta
2006 Hugo Weaving V for Vendetta
2006 Natalie Portman V for Vendetta
2006 Rupert Graves V for Vendetta
2006 Sinéad Cusack V for Vendetta
2006 Stephen Fry V for Vendetta
2006 John Hurt V for Vendetta
2005 Anthony Head Imagine Me & You
2003 Helen Mirren Prime Suspect 6
2003 Oleg Menshikov Prime Suspect 6
2002 Rupert Graves The Forsyte Saga
1989 Lynn Redgrave Getting It Right
1989 Peter Cook Getting It Right
1989 Jane Horrocks Getting It Right
1989 Helena Bonham Carter Getting It Right
1989 John Gielgud Getting It Right
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