Ben Kingsley
Date of Birth
Dec 31, 1943
Birth Place:
Snaiton, Yorkshire, England, UK

Worked With

Year Name Title
2016 Anthony Hopkins Autobahn
2014 Toni Collette The Boxtrolls
2014 Jared Harris The Boxtrolls
2014 Michael Caine Eliza Graves
2014 Kate Beckinsale Eliza Graves
2014 Sigourney Weaver Exodus: Gods and Kings
2014 John Turturro Exodus: Gods and Kings
2014 Christian Bale Exodus: Gods and Kings
2014 Catherine Keener War Story
2013 James LeGros A Birder's Guide to Everything
2013 Ben Cross A Common Man
2013 Viola Davis Ender's Game
2013 Harrison Ford Ender's Game
2013 Miguel Ferrer Iron Man 3
2013 Guy Pearce Iron Man 3
2013 Paul Bettany Iron Man 3
2013 Stan Lee Iron Man 3
2013 Don Cheadle Iron Man 3
2013 Gwyneth Paltrow Iron Man 3
2013 Jon Favreau Iron Man 3
2013 Robert Downey, Jr. Iron Man 3
2013 Stellan Skarsgård The Physician
2012 Chris Elliott The Dictator
2012 Sacha Baron Cohen The Dictator
2012 Emily Mortimer Number Thirteen
2012 Ewan McGregor Number Thirteen
2011 Jude Law Hugo
2011 Sacha Baron Cohen Hugo
2011 Ray Winstone Hugo
2011 Richard Griffiths Hugo
2011 Christopher Lee Hugo
2011 Emily Mortimer Hugo
2010 Jake Gyllenhaal Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
2010 Alfred Molina Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
2010 Ronald Pickup Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
2010 Leonardo DiCaprio Shutter Island
2010 Patricia Clarkson Shutter Island
2010 Max von Sydow Shutter Island
2010 Mark Ruffalo Shutter Island
2010 Emily Mortimer Shutter Island
2010 Michelle Williams Shutter Island
2010 Elias Koteas Shutter Island
2010 Ted Levine Shutter Island
2009 Sally Field The Desert of Forbidden Art
2009 Ed Asner The Desert of Forbidden Art
2008 Penélope Cruz Elegy
2008 Patricia Clarkson Elegy
2008 Peter Sarsgaard Elegy
2008 Dennis Hopper Elegy
2008 Rose McGowan Fifty Dead Men Walking
2008 Rob Cohen The Love Guru
2008 Robert Blake The Love Guru
2008 Mike Myers The Love Guru
2008 Emily Mortimer Transsiberian
2008 Woody Harrelson Transsiberian
2008 Jane Adams The Wackness
2008 Famke Janssen The Wackness
2008 Talia Balsam The Wackness
2008 Joan Cusack War, Inc.
2008 Marisa Tomei War, Inc.
2008 Ben Cross War, Inc.
2008 John Cusack War, Inc.
2008 Dan Aykroyd War, Inc.
2007 Nicole Kidman I Have Never Forgotten You: The Life and Legacy of Simon Wiesenthal
2007 Peter Mullan The Last Legion
2007 Colin Firth The Last Legion
2007 Alfred Molina The Ten Commandments
2007 Christian Slater The Ten Commandments
2007 Elliott Gould The Ten Commandments
2007 Philip Baker Hall You Kill Me
2007 Bill Pullman You Kill Me
2007 Luke Wilson You Kill Me
2007 Dennis Farina You Kill Me
2007 Téa Leoni You Kill Me
2006 Meat Loaf BloodRayne
2006 Michael Paré BloodRayne
2006 Udo Kier BloodRayne
2006 Michael Madsen BloodRayne
2006 Geraldine Chaplin BloodRayne
2006 Billy Zane BloodRayne
2006 Josh Hartnett Lucky Number Slevin
2006 Lucy Liu Lucky Number Slevin
2006 Morgan Freeman Lucky Number Slevin
2006 Danny Aiello Lucky Number Slevin
2006 Stanley Tucci Lucky Number Slevin
2006 Mykelti Williamson Lucky Number Slevin
2006 Bruce Willis Lucky Number Slevin
2005 Philip Baker Hall Mrs. Harris
2005 Lee Garlington Mrs. Harris
2005 Cloris Leachman Mrs. Harris
2005 Frank Whaley Mrs. Harris
2005 Mary McDonnell Mrs. Harris
2005 Frances Fisher Mrs. Harris
2005 Chloë Sevigny Mrs. Harris
2005 Ellen Burstyn Mrs. Harris
2005 Annette Bening Mrs. Harris
2005 Catherine McCormack A Sound of Thunder
2005 Edward Burns A Sound of Thunder
2004 Carrie-Anne Moss Suspect Zero
2004 Aaron Eckhart Suspect Zero
2004 Michael Chapman Suspect Zero
2004 Anthony Edwards Thunderbirds
2004 Bill Paxton Thunderbirds
2003 Jennifer Connelly House of Sand and Fog
2003 Frances Fisher House of Sand and Fog
2003 Shohreh Aghdashloo House of Sand and Fog
2003 Ron Eldard House of Sand and Fog
2002 Mercedes Ruehl Spooky House
2002 Elisabeth Shue Tuck Everlasting
2002 Sissy Spacek Tuck Everlasting
2002 William Hurt Tuck Everlasting
2002 Amy Irving Tuck Everlasting
2001 Robin Williams A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 Brendan Gleeson A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 Frances O'Connor A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 Haley Joel Osment A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 Jude Law A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 Chris Rock A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 Meryl Streep A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 William Hurt A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
2001 Brenda Blethyn Anne Frank
2001 Lili Taylor Anne Frank
2001 Fiona Shaw The Triumph of Love
2001 Mira Sorvino The Triumph of Love
2000 Jeff Goldblum The Directors: Steven Spielberg
2000 Tom Hanks The Directors: Steven Spielberg
2000 Liam Neeson The Directors: Steven Spielberg
2000 Laura Dern The Directors: Steven Spielberg
2000 Morgan Freeman The Directors: Steven Spielberg
2000 Bruce Greenwood Rules of Engagement
2000 Kim Delaney Rules of Engagement
2000 Philip Baker Hall Rules of Engagement
2000 Guy Pearce Rules of Engagement
2000 Samuel L. Jackson Rules of Engagement
2000 Tommy Lee Jones Rules of Engagement
2000 Anne Archer Rules of Engagement
2000 James Fox Sexy Beast
2000 Ray Winstone Sexy Beast
2000 Ian McShane Sexy Beast
2000 Garry Shandling What Planet Are You From?
2000 Richard Jenkins What Planet Are You From?
2000 Annette Bening What Planet Are You From?
2000 Greg Kinnear What Planet Are You From?
2000 Janeane Garofalo What Planet Are You From?
2000 Linda Fiorentino What Planet Are You From?
2000 John Goodman What Planet Are You From?
2000 Caroline Aaron What Planet Are You From?
1999 Robbie Coltrane Alice in Wonderland
1999 Whoopi Goldberg Alice in Wonderland
1999 Peter Ustinov Alice in Wonderland
1999 Gene Wilder Alice in Wonderland
1999 George Wendt Alice in Wonderland
1999 Miranda Richardson Alice in Wonderland
1999 Pete Postlethwaite Alice in Wonderland
1999 Christopher Lloyd Alice in Wonderland
1999 Martin Short Alice in Wonderland
1999 Amy Irving The Confession
1999 Alec Baldwin The Confession
1998 Patrick Dempsey Crime and Punishment
1998 Julie Delpy Crime and Punishment
1998 Diana Rigg Parting Shots
1998 Oliver Reed Parting Shots
1998 Joanna Lumley Parting Shots
1998 John Cleese Parting Shots
1998 Bob Hoskins Parting Shots
1998 Joanna Lumley The Tale of Sweeney Todd
1998 Campbell Scott The Tale of Sweeney Todd
1997 Donald Sutherland The Assignment
1997 Aidan Quinn The Assignment
1997 Illeana Douglas Weapons of Mass Distraction
1997 Kathy Baker Weapons of Mass Distraction
1997 Gabriel Byrne Weapons of Mass Distraction
1997 Mimi Rogers Weapons of Mass Distraction
1997 Paul Mazursky Weapons of Mass Distraction
1997 Jeffrey Tambor Weapons of Mass Distraction
1996 Frank Langella Moses
1996 Christopher Lee Moses
1996 David Suchet Moses
1996 Mel Smith Twelfth Night
1996 Nigel Hawthorne Twelfth Night
1996 Helena Bonham Carter Twelfth Night
1996 Imogen Stubbs Twelfth Night
1996 Richard E. Grant Twelfth Night
1995 Martin Landau Joseph
1995 Dominique Sanda Joseph
1995 Lesley Ann Warren Joseph
1995 Alice Krige Joseph
1995 Forest Whitaker Species
1995 Marg Helgenberger Species
1995 Michelle Williams Species
1995 Michael Madsen Species
1995 Alfred Molina Species
1994 Sigourney Weaver Death and the Maiden
1994 Miriam Margolyes Liberation
1994 Patrick Stewart Liberation
1994 Whoopi Goldberg Liberation
1993 Charles Grodin Dave
1993 Bonnie Hunt Dave
1993 Stephen Root Dave
1993 Sigourney Weaver Dave
1993 Parley Baer Dave
1993 Paul Simon Dave
1993 Oliver Stone Dave
1993 Gary Ross Dave
1993 Arnold Schwarzenegger Dave
1993 Laura Linney Dave
1993 Ving Rhames Dave
1993 Kevin Kline Dave
1993 George Martin Dave
1993 Frank Langella Dave
1993 Embeth Davidtz Schindler's List
1993 Elina Löwensohn Schindler's List
1993 Juliet Taylor Schindler's List
1993 Ralph Fiennes Schindler's List
1993 Andrzej Seweryn Schindler's List
1993 Liam Neeson Schindler's List
1993 Robert Stephens Searching for Bobby Fischer
1993 William H. Macy Searching for Bobby Fischer
1993 David Paymer Searching for Bobby Fischer
1993 Joe Mantegna Searching for Bobby Fischer
1993 Laurence Fishburne Searching for Bobby Fischer
1993 Jared Harris Searching for Bobby Fischer
1993 Shelley Winters Searching for Bobby Fischer
1993 Dan Hedaya Searching for Bobby Fischer
1993 Tony Shalhoub Searching for Bobby Fischer
1993 Joan Allen Searching for Bobby Fischer
1993 Laura Linney Searching for Bobby Fischer
1992 Nigel Hawthorne Freddie as F.R.O.7
1992 Brian Blessed Freddie as F.R.O.7
1992 Prunella Scales Freddie as F.R.O.7
1992 Michael Hordern Freddie as F.R.O.7
1992 Jonathan Pryce Freddie as F.R.O.7
1992 Victor Maddern Freddie as F.R.O.7
1992 Billie Whitelaw Freddie as F.R.O.7
1992 Jenny Agutter Freddie as F.R.O.7
1992 Mary McDonnell Sneakers
1992 Donal Logue Sneakers
1992 River Phoenix Sneakers
1992 David Strathairn Sneakers
1992 Robert Redford Sneakers
1992 Sidney Poitier Sneakers
1992 Stephen Tobolowsky Sneakers
1992 Timothy Busfield Sneakers
1992 Dan Aykroyd Sneakers
1992 Lee Garlington Sneakers
1992 James Earl Jones Sneakers
1991 Marie-Christine Barrault L'Amore Necessario
1991 Elliott Gould Bugsy
1991 Harvey Keitel Bugsy
1991 Annette Bening Bugsy
1991 Richard Sarafian Bugsy
1991 James Toback Bugsy
1991 Eric Christmas Bugsy
1991 Warren Beatty Bugsy
1991 Andy Romano Bugsy
1991 Joe Mantegna Bugsy
1991 Bebe Neuwirth Bugsy
1991 Geraldine Chaplin The Children
1991 Kim Novak The Children
1991 Rupert Graves The Children
1991 Karen Black The Children
1991 Robert Stephens The Children
1991 Joe Don Baker The Children
1990 Victor Spinetti Romeo - Juliet
1990 Vanessa Redgrave Romeo - Juliet
1990 Robert Powell Romeo - Juliet
1990 Maggie Smith Romeo - Juliet
1990 Francesca Annis Romeo - Juliet
1990 John Hurt Romeo - Juliet
1990 Max von Sydow Una Vita Scellerata
1989 Craig T. Nelson Murderers Among Us: The Simon Wiesenthal Story
1989 Renée Soutendijk Murderers Among Us: The Simon Wiesenthal Story
1989 James Farentino Il Segreto Del Sahara
1989 Michael York Il Segreto Del Sahara
1989 Jean-Pierre Cassel Il Segreto Del Sahara
1989 Daniel Olbrychski Il Segreto Del Sahara
1989 Andie MacDowell Il Segreto Del Sahara
1989 Bill Paxton Slipstream
1989 Robbie Coltrane Slipstream
1989 Mark Hamill Slipstream
1989 F. Murray Abraham Slipstream
1988 Leslie Caron Lenin... The Train
1988 Dominique Sanda Lenin... The Train
1988 Jason Connery Lenin... The Train
1988 Helen Mirren Pascali's Island
1988 Charles Dance Pascali's Island
1988 Nigel Davenport Without a Clue
1988 Peter Cook Without a Clue
1988 Michael Caine Without a Clue
1988 Jeffrey Jones Without a Clue
1987 Hugh Grant Maurice
1987 Rupert Graves Maurice
1987 Barry Foster Maurice
1987 Denholm Elliott Maurice
1987 Helena Bonham Carter Maurice
1987 Simon Callow Maurice
1987 Billie Whitelaw Maurice
1987 Ronald Pickup Testimony
1987 Murray Melvin Testimony
1987 Robert Stephens Testimony
1985 Nastassja Kinski Harem
1985 Freddie Jones Silas Marner
1985 Patsy Kensit Silas Marner
1985 Jenny Agutter Silas Marner
1985 Jeroen Krabbé Turtle Diary
1985 Harold Pinter Turtle Diary
1985 Eleanor Bron Turtle Diary
1985 Michael Gambon Turtle Diary
1985 Glenda Jackson Turtle Diary
1985 Nigel Hawthorne Turtle Diary
1984 John Gielgud Camille
1984 Colin Firth Camille
1984 Denholm Elliott Camille
1984 Ronald Pickup Camille
1984 Billie Whitelaw Camille
1984 Greta Scacchi Camille
1983 Jeremy Irons Betrayal
1982 Candice Bergen Gandhi
1982 Brian Oulton Gandhi
1982 Daniel Day-Lewis Gandhi
1982 Ian Bannen Gandhi
1982 John Mills Gandhi
1982 Martin Sheen Gandhi
1982 Om Puri Gandhi
1982 John Ratzenberger Gandhi
1982 Trevor Howard Gandhi
1982 Athol Fugard Gandhi
1982 Edward Fox Gandhi
1982 John Gielgud Gandhi
1982 Nigel Hawthorne Gandhi
1982 Michael Hordern Gandhi
1982 Richard Griffiths Gandhi
1982 Judy Davis The Merry Wives of Windsor
1982 Richard Griffiths The Merry Wives of Windsor
1982 Prunella Scales The Merry Wives of Windsor
1982 Nigel Terry The Merry Wives of Windsor
1976 Roy Dotrice Dickens of London
1973 Dolph Sweet Fear Is the Key
1973 Elliott Sullivan Fear Is the Key
1973 John Vernon Fear Is the Key
1973 Alison Steadman Hard Labour
0 Debra Winger The Life and Faith of C.S. Lewis
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