Ben Erway
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1892

Worked With

Year Name Title
1962 Anthony Caruso Perry Mason: The Case of the Playboy Pugilist
1962 Gary Lockwood Perry Mason: The Case of the Playboy Pugilist
1962 Robert Armstrong Perry Mason: The Case of the Playboy Pugilist
1962 Mae Clarke Perry Mason: The Case of the Playboy Pugilist
1960 Frank Overton The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
1960 Robert Preston The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
1960 Eve Arden The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
1960 Angela Lansbury The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
1960 Shirley Knight The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
1960 Dorothy McGuire The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
1960 Jack Weston The Twilight Zone: The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
1960 Claude Akins The Twilight Zone: The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
1949 Bill Goodwin Jolson Sings Again
1949 Al Jolson Jolson Sings Again
1949 William Demarest Jolson Sings Again
1949 Ludwig Donath Jolson Sings Again
1949 Larry Parks Jolson Sings Again
1949 David Newell Jolson Sings Again
1949 Jock Mahoney Jolson Sings Again
1949 Eric Wilton Jolson Sings Again
1949 Myron McCormick Jolson Sings Again
1949 David S. Horsley Jolson Sings Again
1949 Reed Hadley Rimfire
1949 Fuzzy Knight Rimfire
1949 Glenn Strange Rimfire
1949 Stanley Price Rimfire
1949 George Cleveland Rimfire
1949 Lee Roberts Rimfire
1949 Mark Stevens Sand
1949 Jay Silverheels Sand
1949 Rory Calhoun Sand
1949 Davison Clark Sand
1949 Iron Eyes Cody Sand
1949 Mikel Conrad Sand
1949 Charles Grapewin Sand
1949 Coleen Gray Sand
1949 Lyle Talbot Shep Comes Home
1949 Sheldon Leonard Shep Comes Home
1949 John Farrell MacDonald Shep Comes Home
1949 Edna Holland Shep Comes Home
1949 Sol (Saul) Gorss The Undercover Man
1949 James Whitmore The Undercover Man
1949 Franklin Farnum The Undercover Man
1949 Nina Foch The Undercover Man
1949 Glenn Ford The Undercover Man
1949 Kay Medford The Undercover Man
1949 Franklin Parker The Undercover Man
1949 Howard St. John The Undercover Man
1949 Anthony Caruso The Undercover Man
1949 John Ireland The Undercover Man
1949 Harlan Warde The Undercover Man
1948 Albert Dekker Lulu Belle
1948 Glenda Farrell Lulu Belle
1948 Norman Willis Lulu Belle
1948 George Montgomery Lulu Belle
1948 John Indrisano Lulu Belle
1948 Dorothy Lamour Lulu Belle
1948 Otto Kruger Lulu Belle
1948 Charlotte Wynters Lulu Belle
1948 Harry Hays Morgan Jr. Lulu Belle
1947 Loretta Young The Bishop's Wife
1947 Monty Woolley The Bishop's Wife
1947 Cary Grant The Bishop's Wife
1947 Dorothy Vaughan The Bishop's Wife
1947 David Niven The Bishop's Wife
1947 Anne O'Neal The Bishop's Wife
1947 Regis Toomey The Bishop's Wife
1947 Isabel Jewell The Bishop's Wife
1947 Gladys Cooper The Bishop's Wife
1947 Edgar Dearing The Bishop's Wife
1947 Teddy Infuhr The Bishop's Wife
1947 James Gleason The Bishop's Wife
1947 Elsa Lanchester The Bishop's Wife
1947 Marvin Miller The Brasher Doubloon
1947 Paul Maxey The Brasher Doubloon
1947 Fritz Kortner The Brasher Doubloon
1947 Conrad Janis The Brasher Doubloon
1947 Florence Bates The Brasher Doubloon
1947 George Montgomery The Brasher Doubloon
1947 Roy Roberts The Brasher Doubloon
1947 Houseley Stevenson, Sr. The Brasher Doubloon
1947 Reed Hadley The Brasher Doubloon
1946 Richard Long The Dark Mirror
1946 Lew Ayres The Dark Mirror
1946 William Halligan The Dark Mirror
1946 Ralph Peters The Dark Mirror
1946 Olivia de Havilland The Dark Mirror
1946 Thomas Mitchell The Dark Mirror
1946 Ellen Corby The Locket
1946 Brian Aherne The Locket
1946 Ricardo Cortez The Locket
1946 Laraine Day The Locket
1946 Martha Hyer The Locket
1946 David Thursby The Locket
1946 Colin Kenny The Locket
1946 Robert Mitchum The Locket
1946 Reginald Denny The Locket
1946 Cecil Weston The Locket
1946 Wyndham Standing The Locket
1946 Henry Stephenson The Locket
1946 Gene Raymond The Locket
1946 Howard Negley Notorious
1946 Howard Mitchell Notorious
1946 Antonio Moreno Notorious
1946 George Lynn Notorious
1946 Frank Marlowe Notorious
1946 Claude Rains Notorious
1946 Louis Calhern Notorious
1946 Ingrid Bergman Notorious
1946 Cary Grant Notorious
1946 Virginia Gregg Notorious
1944 Roy Roberts Tampico
1944 George Sorel Tampico
1944 Edward G. Robinson Tampico
1944 Victor McLaglen Tampico
1944 Antonio Moreno Tampico
1944 Ralph Byrd Tampico
1944 Marc Lawrence Tampico
1944 Lynn Bari Tampico
1944 Otto Reichow Tampico
1944 Ludwig Donath Tampico
1943 Jane Frazee Keep 'em Slugging
1943 Mary Gordon Keep 'em Slugging
1943 Dorothy Vaughan Keep 'em Slugging
1943 Minerva Urecal Keep 'em Slugging
1943 Milburn Stone Keep 'em Slugging
1943 Huntz Hall Keep 'em Slugging
1943 Gabriel Dell Keep 'em Slugging
1943 Frank O'Connor Keep 'em Slugging
1943 Evelyn Ankers Keep 'em Slugging
1943 Lew Kelly Keep 'em Slugging
1943 Shemp Howard Keep 'em Slugging
1943 Janet Shaw Keep 'em Slugging
1943 Howard Mitchell Keep 'em Slugging
1943 Don Porter Keep 'em Slugging
1943 Mira McKinney Keep 'em Slugging
1943 Joey Ray Keep 'em Slugging
1943 Robert Kent Northern Pursuit
1943 Monte Blue Northern Pursuit
1943 Tom Tully Northern Pursuit
1943 Errol Flynn Northern Pursuit
1943 Helmut Dantine Northern Pursuit
1943 Gene Lockhart Northern Pursuit
1943 John Ridgely Northern Pursuit
1943 John Forsythe Northern Pursuit
1943 Warren Douglas Northern Pursuit
1943 Herbert Heywood Northern Pursuit
1943 George Lynn Northern Pursuit
1943 Jay Silverheels Northern Pursuit
1942 Billy Wayne Sin Town
1942 Edward Peil Sr. Sin Town
1942 Andy Devine Sin Town
1942 Charles Wagenheim Sin Town
1942 Clarence Muse Sin Town
1942 Oscar O'Shea Sin Town
1942 Patric Knowles Sin Town
1942 Jack Mulhall Sin Town
1942 Ward Bond Sin Town
1942 Hobart Bosworth Sin Town
1942 Bryant Washburn Sin Town
1942 Broderick Crawford Sin Town
1942 Frank S. Hagney Sin Town
1942 Anne Gwynne Sin Town
1942 Leo Carrillo Sin Town
1942 Constance Bennett Sin Town
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