Ben Bard
Date of Birth
Jan 23, 1893
Birth Place:
Milwaukee, WI

Worked With

Year Name Title
1951 George Sanders I Can Get It for You Wholesale
1951 Sam Jaffe I Can Get It for You Wholesale
1951 Richard Lane I Can Get It for You Wholesale
1951 Marvin Kaplan I Can Get It for You Wholesale
1951 Dan Dailey I Can Get It for You Wholesale
1951 Bess Flowers I Can Get It for You Wholesale
1951 Susan Hayward I Can Get It for You Wholesale
1946 Dorothy Granger Black Angel
1946 Dan Duryea Black Angel
1946 Broderick Crawford Black Angel
1946 Peter Lorre Black Angel
1946 Chuck Hamilton Black Angel
1946 Wallace Ford Black Angel
1944 Frank O'Connor Youth Runs Wild
1944 Arthur Shields Youth Runs Wild
1944 Lawrence Tierney Youth Runs Wild
1944 Bonita Granville Youth Runs Wild
1944 Gordon Jones Youth Runs Wild
1944 Dickie Moore Youth Runs Wild
1943 Nolan Leary The Ghost Ship
1943 Richard Dix The Ghost Ship
1943 Skelton Knaggs The Ghost Ship
1943 Dewey Robinson The Ghost Ship
1943 Mike Lally The Ghost Ship
1943 Lawrence Tierney The Ghost Ship
1943 Joss Ackland The Ghost Ship
1943 Herb Vigran The Ghost Ship
1943 Isabel Jewell The Leopard Man
1943 William Halligan The Leopard Man
1943 Joe Dominguez The Leopard Man
1943 Ottola Nesmith The Leopard Man
1943 Richard Martin The Leopard Man
1943 Dennis O'Keefe The Leopard Man
1943 Howard Mitchell The Seventh Victim
1943 Hugh Beaumont The Seventh Victim
1943 Evelyn Brent The Seventh Victim
1943 Tom Conway The Seventh Victim
1943 Kim Hunter The Seventh Victim
1943 Dewey Robinson The Seventh Victim
1943 Ottola Nesmith The Seventh Victim
1943 William Halligan The Seventh Victim
1943 Isabel Jewell The Seventh Victim
1934 Eddie Quillan Hollywood Party
1934 Walt Disney Hollywood Party
1934 Ted Healy Hollywood Party
1934 Leonid Kinskey Hollywood Party
1934 Stan Laurel Hollywood Party
1934 Lupe Velez Hollywood Party
1934 Clarence H. Wilson Hollywood Party
1934 Robert Young Hollywood Party
1934 Arthur Treacher Hollywood Party
1934 Larry Fine Hollywood Party
1934 Charles Butterworth Hollywood Party
1934 Jimmy Durante Hollywood Party
1934 Bess Flowers Hollywood Party
1934 Oliver Hardy Hollywood Party
1934 Moe Howard Hollywood Party
1934 Dorothy Wilson The White Parade
1934 John Boles The White Parade
1934 Loretta Young The White Parade
1934 Frank Melton The White Parade
1934 Edward Earle The White Parade
1934 Jane Darwell The White Parade
1934 Frank Conroy The White Parade
1933 Larry Fine Meet the Baron
1933 Moe Howard Meet the Baron
1933 Lynn Bari Meet the Baron
1933 Jimmy Durante Meet the Baron
1933 Ted Healy Meet the Baron
1933 Edna May Oliver Meet the Baron
1933 Greta Meyer Meet the Baron
1933 Henry Kolker Meet the Baron
1933 ZaSu Pitts Meet the Baron
1930 Una Merkel The Bat Whispers
1930 Chester Morris The Bat Whispers
1930 Gustav von Seyffertitz The Bat Whispers
1930 Pat Somerset Born Reckless
1930 Lee Tracy Born Reckless
1930 John Wayne Born Reckless
1930 Ward Bond Born Reckless
1930 William Harrigan Born Reckless
1930 Edmund Lowe Born Reckless
1930 John Farrell MacDonald Born Reckless
1930 Tom Dugan Night Work
1930 Eddie Quillan Night Work
1930 Kit Guard Night Work
1929 Milton Sills Love and the Devil
1929 John Boles Romance of the Underworld
1929 Mary Astor Romance of the Underworld
1928 Ed Brady Dressed to Kill
1928 Tom Dugan Dressed to Kill
1928 Edmund Lowe Dressed to Kill
1928 Mary Astor Dressed to Kill
1928 Dolores Del Rio No Other Woman
1927 William "Wild Bill" Elliott Arizona Wildcat
1927 Dorothy Sebastian Arizona Wildcat
1927 Tom Mix Arizona Wildcat
1927 Cornelius Keefe Come to My House
1927 Antonio Moreno Come to My House
1927 John Farrell MacDonald Love Makes 'em Wild
1927 Ned Sparks Secret Studio
1927 Janet Gaynor Seventh Heaven
1927 Charles Farrell Seventh Heaven
1927 George E. Stone Seventh Heaven
1927 David Butler Seventh Heaven
1927 Glenn Tryon Two Girls Wanted
1927 Janet Gaynor Two Girls Wanted
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