By miquan6999
Written February 09, 2015
I must see....very emotional...plenty of tear jerker parts.
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"Belle" lives up to its name

By nicolemarievacca
Written February 09, 2015
I saw this film yesterday with my mom and my sister. My sister hates period films and even she liked it! The story is so human, and the characters were fleshed-out and relatable. The cast did a great job, the directing and cinematography were beautiful, the costumes looked great, and the writing was well done. My one complaint is that at times, the delivery felt a bit stagey, but overall the movie transcends that issue. The film is PG and I'd say it's appropriate for people ages 10 and up, though 10 year olds might have trouble grasping some of the cultural references for that time (i.e. what is a dowry?). In this sense, the movie seems geared more toward teenagers and adults, despite the fact that it's a very clean film, especially compared to a lot of other movies released these days.
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Loved this movie!

By o06072
Written February 09, 2015
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Belle of the Ball!

By gr8penut
Written February 09, 2015
Outstanding story and acting. Such a horrific topic, but excellent portrayal and a feel-good ending. The audience clapped for a long time at the end. Must see.
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By jchrist52
Written August 14, 2014
This was a great movie with fantastic actors. There is much to learn from this movie - so much history is lost so I thank this producer/writer for enlightening us
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