this movie is extremely powerful...and its going to be BIG

By kucku06
Written June 11, 2007
This is the most powerful movie I have ever seen. It has challenged my viewpoints in many areas. If you want to see something truly moving, go see Bella. The movie is centered on the abortion/adoption debate (it is pro-life) but it goes far beyond that. It is about Latino sterotypes, love, hope, gender roles, hard decisions, and happiness. It won the Toronto Film Festival's People's Choice Award in 2006 and features Eduardo Verástegui, who is one of People Magazine's Top 50 Most Beautiful People. I have previewed this movie twice now, a rough draft at the Latino Film Festival in San Diego and the final cut at the University of San Diego. ABC News calls this movie "A romantic drama….Mexican director Alejandro Gomez Monteverde's Bella tells the story of two people whose lives converge and turn upside down on a single day in New York. It has won the People's Choice Award, which is often an indicator of future Academy Award nominations." YOU WILL NOT REGRET SEEING THIS MOVIE!
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Bella is Beautiful!

By perezodfilms
Written August 12, 2007
If you consider yourself an intelligent, common-sense individual who likes thought-provoking ideas, controversy, laughs, and even moments of suspense and sorrow, all in a family-friendly, entertaining film, see this! You’ll quickly connect with the characters in this story. It’s about everyday people who haven’t been so good at making wise choices in life. Yet, the one right choice they made was huge! This film may challenge your paradigm. It tackles controversy head-on with truth, goodness, beauty, and love. It’s about heroic masculinity and femininity. Take your spouse, parents, grandparents, teens, and even your young children. And, it’s the only movie out there about sex that you can take your kids to see. You will walk out of this movie moved as well as entertained! You’ll be filled with hope and challenged to emulate the heroic virtues lived out by the film’s characters. Go ahead! Treat yourself to a good movie for once! Bella is beautiful in every way for everyone.
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Bella breaks through the media stereotype of the Latino macho man

By Leticia Velasquez
Written October 30, 2007
True masculinitiy, tough yet tender, take charge, yet responsive, is rarely seen in Hollywood male leads, especially if the man is Latino. Eduardo Versastegui in his portrayal of "Jose" brings to life this rarely seen truly masculine man. Tammy Blanchard, a single woman in trouble on the mean streets of Manhattan, is outstanding as "Nina" the woman who has drawn into a protective shell as a reaction to the hardness of society, Will she be able to receive the tenderness offered by Jose and his loving family? Come and see the year's most amazing film, that swept the Toronto Film Festival, winning the coveted "Peopl'e's Choice Award" and discover the answer! Go and see my review on Mercatornet, which was quoted on Reuters [BLOCKED WEBSITE]
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By Raquel Rodriguez
Written October 24, 2007
True to its description, Bella portrays a love story that goes beyond romantic love. It is about second chances, guilt, forgiveness, redemption, and humanity. Eduardo's character, Jose, portrays a "true man" -- one who takes responsibility for his actions and takes the opportunity to redeem himself in the process. Without being preachy, Bella shows us how the choices we make later come back to haunt us and how listening to our inner voice can save our lives and make them better than we ever thought possible. It is an optimistic and uplifting film that will inspire you to accomplish things you never thought possible. The acting was fantastic. The lighthearted moments kept a serious theme from getting too heavy.
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By Destiny Bulldog
Written November 03, 2007
One of the best movies this year. Wonderful story, superb acting, and pulls your heartstrings. Finally some wholesome entertainment for the family with real issues and real solutions. The main actor is gorgeous and speaks with his eyes all the way through the film. We all came out of the theater with wet eyes and big smiles. Three cheers for this one.
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