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A chef leaves his post at a busy Manhattan restaurant to show a fired waitress around town.
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this movie is extremely powerful...and its going to be BIG

By kucku06
This is the most powerful movie I have ever seen. It has challenged my viewpoints in many areas. If you want to see something truly moving, go see Bella. The movie is centered on the abortion/adoption...

Bella is Beautiful!

By perezodfilms
If you consider yourself an intelligent, common-sense individual who likes thought-provoking ideas, controversy, laughs, and even moments of suspense and sorrow, all in a family-friendly,...

Bella breaks through the media stereotype of the Latino macho man

By Leticia Velasquez
True masculinitiy, tough yet tender, take charge, yet responsive, is rarely seen in Hollywood male leads, especially if the man is Latino. Eduardo Versastegui in his portrayal of "Jose"...


By Raquel Rodriguez
True to its description, Bella portrays a love story that goes beyond romantic love. It is about second chances, guilt, forgiveness, redemption, and humanity. Eduardo's character, Jose, portrays a...


By Destiny Bulldog
One of the best movies this year. Wonderful story, superb acting, and pulls your heartstrings. Finally some wholesome entertainment for the family with real issues and real solutions. The main...

bella really means beautiful!

By scmiles80
This movie had everything right! The filming was beautiful, lots of bright colors, etc...a gorgeous film as well as a thought-provoking story! It does well what many "Christian" movies don't do, and...

Beautiful Movie

By Movie__Fan__
This is a beautiful film! Bella is all about real life, love, and the decisions that last a lifetime. It was not what I expected, it was much better. It is definitely worth seeing & then seeing...

This is a must see!

By Lbknoxville
I was able to preview this movie a few months ago, and it really changed my life. This is the story of a life time....

I was blown away

By effetearse
My girlfriend dragged me to a preview of this movie and I was expecting it to be a boring chick flick. I was totally surprised by how good it was and how much I liked it. Dudes -- if you want to...

Bella -- A Movie Long Overdue!

By carauth22
"Bella" is a great movie. Finally... a movie that has something positive to offer... uplifting and inspiring rather than depressing and discouraging, pro-life rather than pro-death, pro-virtue...

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Rated PG-13 | For thematic elements and brief disturbing images