Breakout Performance from Patterson

Written March 15, 2015
Excellent performance from Patterson in this film. He really deserves an award for the painstaking effort he put into this performance, and for the fascinating range of gripping emotions that he conveys, speaking volumes and sweeping each scene. His character dances on the edge of rage and frustration, and yet is seductive and sympathetic. He also has fun chemistry with Christina Ricci, who is also excellent in a supporting role. I really was not expecting such a stellar performance from him, and could not have been more wrong: he can clearly nail a character to the T. Amazing effort he put into this film, and it really deserves notice. I am also sure his fans will NOT be disappointed! He keeps you on the edge of your toes. A really stand-out performance that proves his acting chops, and moreover is a performance you shouldn't miss! He will play exactly the opposite sort of character in Cosmopolis, and I am really looking forward to that movie now, because he has proved his range.
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