Someone needs to make better decisions.

By dlmmarcum
Written June 09, 2012
Given the cast, one would expect this costume drama to be FAR better than it is. But with an abysmal script, there's not much even good actors can do. Don't even bother renting it on video. Movie of the week, maybe.
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Talk about a love triangle... or a octagon?

By lonelygirl510
Written June 21, 2012
It was pretty good. The actresses were all fabulous, I was thrilled to see KST in a different kind of role than usual... It was definitely worth 102 minutes of my time after work!
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Go for the actors - great stuff and very entertaining!

By needsmoretwilight
Written June 09, 2012
I'll say up front that I watched Bel Ami as a Robert Pattinson fan, but I like to think that I have *some* objectivity... I was only moderately impressed w his performance in Remember Me. I really loved Bel Ami, though, on so many levels. Yes, it's a subtle film, not for everyone (I'm looking at you, teenage boys). I had read the book before seeing the film, so can't say how I would react if I had not read the book. I thought the movie was engaging, fascinating, visually gorgeous... all the things a period piece should be. If you are looking for a formulaic rom-com or drama, you will be disappointed. If you are looking for a thought-provoking, well-acted period piece, I say, must go!
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Bel Ami is Awesome!

By Jedlander2001
Written July 29, 2015
Bel Ami is Awesome! Hollywood critics never get the results right. This is why you need to see if for yourself. I loved this movie so much and the book as well. Yes, books are better since they give more information. The acting and perfomance of Robert Pattinson is Amazing! This is the same similar review Hollywood gave Robert for his Remember Me performance. In which I never agreed with them either. Robert Pattinson keeps getting better in his acting. Hollywood is just stuck with the same common well known legends in our movie industry. They just don't want to share a good talent with the new actors rising along the way. Also, Robert is a true Gentleman in real life and has nothing but true love for his fans. So please let's stop the negative comments about Robert when you truly don't know him in real life. He is working hard at his job just like everyone else. He is not getting fed a silver spoon for his acting. He is just keeping his fans happy. Thank You!
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By imrobynp
Written June 10, 2012
I enjoyed this movie very much. The cast was excellent. I was so impressed with Kristin Scott Thomas especially. The scenes did transition quickly at times, and it could be confusing if one isn't familiar with the book, but I enjoyed every part of the film. The characters were portrayed really well... I was surprised and impressed with the different emotions emitted by Robert Pattinson as Georges DuRoy. He was easy to look at as well, making the power of his intense stares very easy to understand why these women were so affected by him. Colm Meaney is a genius, and his disdain and contempt for Georges in the end was palpable. The rest of the cast did excellent jobs. I wish some parts were written a little better. I wanted to be able to understand everything without reading Bel Ami first, and i have to say I would have had a difficult time following without the book. I liked the scenery and costumes. I recommend this movie to anyone.
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