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A charming, manipulative schemer seduces a series of rich and powerful mistresses.
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Someone needs to make better decisions.

By dlmmarcum
Given the cast, one would expect this costume drama to be FAR better than it is. But with an abysmal script, there's not much even good actors can do. Don't even bother renting it on video. Movie...

Talk about a love triangle... or a octagon?

By lonelygirl510
It was pretty good. The actresses were all fabulous, I was thrilled to see KST in a different kind of role than usual... It was definitely worth 102 minutes of my time after work!...

Go for the actors - great stuff and very entertaining!

By needsmoretwilight
I'll say up front that I watched Bel Ami as a Robert Pattinson fan, but I like to think that I have *some* objectivity... I was only moderately impressed w his performance in Remember Me. I really...

Bel Ami is Awesome!

By Jedlander2001
Bel Ami is Awesome! Hollywood critics never get the results right. This is why you need to see if for yourself. I loved this movie so much and the book as well. Yes, books are better since they give...


By imrobynp
I enjoyed this movie very much. The cast was excellent. I was so impressed with Kristin Scott Thomas especially. The scenes did transition quickly at times, and it could be confusing if one isn't...

Breakout Performance from Patterson

Excellent performance from Patterson in this film. He really deserves an award for the painstaking effort he put into this performance, and for the fascinating range of gripping emotions that he...

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Rated R | For Brief Language, Some Strong Sexuality and Nudity
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Common Sense Media says Robert Pattinson is bland in sex-filled costume drama.
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