Being Flynn Synopsis
After 18 years, a writer's (Paul Dano) estranged father (Robert De Niro) re-enters his life.
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Being Flynn

By ohevny
The performances are incredibly good, perhaps too good. We walked out after an hour of unrelenting bleakness and self-destructive behavior on the part of both main roles. This movie should be seen...

Exceptional Character Studies...A Dark And Introspective Screenplay.

By Al P
This film is not the typical commercial popcorn fare most often found in your local cineplex. Keep this in mind and you won't be disappointed in thinking the title indicates some wishy-washy...

Being Flynn

By robert206
I did make it in to watch "Being Flynn" Robert De Niro at his best!!! He is an amazing actor, The picture and details are beautiful...

Worth watching...

By Jannandmovies
This movie was better than I had expected even though it dragged a bit in the middle of the movie. I did cry a few times because it was a deep movie. I liked that De Niros character was a strong...

Being Flynn

By dmraynal
DeNiro and Dano do very good jobs however I found the movie depressing. Maybe the fact that the movie is too close to what I see around me everyday and I am not willing to fill my free time with ...

Being Flynn

By hawks689
“Seven Days In Utopia” (2011 also) this movie is not, but it shows you Robert DeNiro’s acting versatility. In Being Flynn, Jonathan (DeNiro) a failed writer, alcoholic, homeless person, who appears...

being flynn

By hytime
Unique, but heavy. Enjoyed the movie, but it left me longing for something more, but not sure what....

Being Flynn

By amylisag
I enjoyed the movie. Robert De Niro's acting was superb. I had read the book and there were maany changes from the original story....

By jennydcoop

Being Flynn review

By largato
too depressing...

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Rated R | For Language Throughout, Drug Use, Brief Nudity and Some Sexual Content
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Common Sense Media says Uneven, mature drama is too edgy for younger kids.
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